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Part 3 - Now We're in Trouble

The story left off last time just as Tamer entered the bar, and right after the big showdown.  As you recall from the last encounters Tamer was not to pleased with the PEN's actions in the MECH BAR.  Lets see what is in store for the PEN group this time.

As the doors fly open in walks Tamer, and she doesn't have a good look on her face. Must have been shopping at the local uniform boutique, because she is wearing a new blue and green, skin tight uniform.

"I let you boys alone for 5 minutes, and you have to mess up the place again!"

Just then DW notices Tamer at the door and walks over to her.

"Hoolllaaa my llladdy, and mmmyyy yyouuu at looking goooood in that uniform."

DW bellows with a breath that could make a dead man drunk.

SSSLLLLLAAAAAPPPP. Tamer gives DW a back hand to the face, knocking him across a table and landing on his head.

"Don't try to suck-up to me DW! I am not in the mood for it now. I was shopping, and nothing I wanted was on sale!"

With the sound of that slap, all eyes turn to Tamer as if she were the leader of the group.

Jackal's mouth dropped to the floor, and FC reaches over to close it for him.

"Jackal better not leave that thing open, you might kill someone with it." FC tells Jackal.

"Ssssoorrry boosss man, nnevvver happen againn."

Jackal then blows into his hands, smells, and passes out.

Just then Tamer starts to command the troops.

"Ok boys! Since you seem to like to trash this place so much, I think its time you take on some responsabilities for it."

Tamer walks over to the cooler door where T-Rex and Warman were hiding and starts pounding on it.

"Rex! I know your in there! Because all the cold beer is in there with you!"

The door slowly opens, and there is T-Rex with a beer in hand.

"Wwwwhhaat you want? Can't yyouu seee I'm busy?"

"Ok, now listen you human beer re-processing plant. I am going to make you one offer for this place, and I think you better take it. PLEASE.

Tamer offers Rex all the beer in the cooler, and a 6 months supply. Rex's eye's finally open wide.

"And its FREE? Right?"

"Yes! And PEN will payoff the note on this dump."

"Lady you drive a hard bargain. Its all yours now!

Rex hands her the deed to the place and runs out the door with a case of beer under each arm.

"WAHOOO. I'M RICH!!!!" he yells as he runs out the door.

Tamer turns to face the drunken group she calls her Clan members.

"Alright you drunks you heard what happened. Lets clean this place up NOW!"

"I have to go at this time, because I heard there is a sale going on at the Galaxy Woman store. So you better have this cleaned up before I get back!"

Tamer runs out of the bar before any of the group can say a word.

Firecracker looks around the bar with a look of someone about to get dual AC20's shot at him from point blank range and he has no weapons. He see's DW with his face kissing the wood floor, Jackal laying on the floor face up, counting the blades on the ceiling fans, Slain with his head in the "King" jewels on the wall, Serena standing in the women room still flushing Rockman, Shieldbreaker sitting on the floor with eye's as white as orphan Annie's.

Then speaks up.

"Guys I think its time I retire, no I think I will demote myself to Cadet. Cuz you are Khan of PEN now. Dam I think I left my mech double parked. See you guys later."

FC runs out the door so fast you could still see his shadow standing at the bar, but no FC.

Cuz finding out he is now in charge, looks just like FC before he left. Eye's the place out, and looks over at Darkmist.

"DM, I think I need to take a step back here. I demote myself to Cadet and you are now Khan. HEY IS THAT MY ALARM IN MY MECH GOING OFF! Well have to go guys, bye."

Cuz runs out the door.

Stealth seeing what's going on looks at DM and thinks for a minute.

"DM, I have some homework I need to get done. Talk to you after I finish it."

Stealth heads for the door.

DM noticing that he is now the Khan of PEN, and the only one left awake starts to think.

"Hmmm. A note to myself. Now that I am Khan, give SY that planet with the Carsian Leach fly dung they wanted. Make peace with them. Look for new enemy that we can battle with. Take out the garbage from the mech. Remember to put FC and Cuz on night watch for a year."

Just then Jackal wakes from his short beauty sleep.

"Hey, what is going on here?" he asks.

"Jackal you and DW are now in charge of this place since you 2 are the only ones left that made this mess."

"OH, hey I only make the mess, I don't clean it up."

"Jackal I am the Khan now, so follow orders!"


"FC and Cuz demoted themselves and put me in charge."

"Well if that's the case."

Jackal pulls the bars from his shoulders, an slaps them on the table DM is sitting at.

"I resign my position in this clan as of now."


"Yes dear?"

"Now that I have some spare time, and retirement pay, lets take you shopping for some nice clothes and those new lasers you wanted. This is no place for a lady. And I need to get me a new pair of crutches, seem to have misplaced my old ones."

"Coming Jackie!"

Both Jackal and Serena walk out of the bar.

DM now wondering what to do with the bar PEN now owned looks over at DW laying face first on the floor.

"Hmmmm. Now we're in trouble."

DM walks over to the bar and grabs the ice bucket from behind the bar and walks over to DW.

Notices that DW left his fly open again, and.


"I guess that will wake up the dead. hehehe."

">Now what did you do that for?"

"DW you are in charge of this dump. And I am putting Tamer in charge of you to make sure you sell more beer than you drink!"

"WHAT? Tamer? Why? Who?"

Just then Tamer walks back into the bar....notices that the mess is still there...and see's that most of the makers of the mess are gone.

"Why is this mess still here?"

"Now Tamer hold you temper. I am now the Khan and I put DW and you in charge of this place now."


"Since about 15 minutes ago. FC and Cuz demoted themselves and left me in charge."


Tamer walks over to DM and starts running her fingers through his hair.

"Well honey. You know I need some new seatcovers for my mech. The old ones are just not in style anymore.


Tamer jumps to attention. Sticking her chest out more then need be, and almost breaking the zipper on the front of her uniform.

"Tamer at ease. Please."

"Yes Sir."

"I put DW in charge of this place, and you are in charge of DW."

"Make sure he runs this place and not running the beer into his mouth."

"You can count on me Sir."

"Ok. I have a peace treaty to plan with SY, and a war to start with, Comstar! Yea that's the ticket. Make a note to myself, start war with Comstar because, well just because they like to run from battle, yea that's it."

DM walks out of the bar still talking to himself. Tamer wishing he would talk to the clan doctor about that, thinks he needs to find himself a good woman, or something.

Tamer looks over at DW, still swaying in the wind, and there isn't a breeze in the bar to make him sway. Then she realizes that she is in charge of DW, and thinks to herself.

You know he wouldn't look so bad if he shaved, got a hair cut, wore clean clothes, and did something with that mech of his. At least paint over the rust or something. And if he..

DW noticing that Tamer is looking at him with the same look that his X-wife had before he decided to sign-on with PEN for life.  Then he also realizes the Tamer also signed for life, and she is in charge of him.


"Ok DW....I need you to clean this place up.....wash the dishes...take out the garbage....paint the outside of the bar....clean the coolers.....do something with you hair...put on some clean clothes...and don't you think you need to do something with that mech....when was the last time you shaved....you know you need to come with me shopping for some new decoration................."


To MECH BAR 5 - The Big One