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Clan Pendragon links will help you learn about the BattleTech universe, find a league to play in, and give you support with getting you up and running.


The Killing Zone The Killing Zone is the hot action packed Netmech league, also supporting Mercnet, Heavy Gear and X-wing vs. Tie Fighter.

The Registry The Registry, where you can register as a MechWarrior, and find information on internet Netmech play, the Registry Ladder, Clans, Mercs, and IS houses.

Support Groups

Mechwarrior Resource Forum MechWarrior 2: Resource Forum
A site dedicated to MechWarrior 2, get all your information here!

Sarna Battletech Wiki Sarna: Battletech Wiki
Everything you ever wanted to know about BattleTech, and Mechwarrior games.