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Clan Pendragon Main Hall

Welcome Mechwarrior, to the Pendragon Clan Hall. Here, you will find out how to join the clan, the history of the clan, links to other Mechwarrior websites, the latest news of the ongoing war between the clans and the IS, and other information. If you have any tips, or suggestions, send an email to the Khan.

Timberwolf Mech

The History of the Pendragon Clan

Our history begins over 2600 years ago, when the last Roman Pax Britannica , Constantine, brought an army to Britain, to drive off invading Picts and Scots from the north, and Saxons from northern Europe, after the Roman empire had withdrawn (leaving the Britains without an army to defend them). Constantine was very successful in this, and was rewarded with the British crown for his efforts. He married and had three sons. The first, Constans, became a monk. The second was Aurelius Ambrosius, and the third was Uther, called Pendragon, for 'foremost leader'.

The history of our clan is interwoven with that of Britain, the Star League, the Inner Sphere, the Clans, and the Succession Wars. Read of our recent experiences with the clans, mercenaries, pirates, and the IS houses. The conflict, treachery, and war, life and love, and the pursuit of honor in all things continues to this day.

The Beginnings.....

Mechwarrior 2 31st Century Combat