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Clan Pendragon History

Britain, over 2600 years ago...

Treachery abounded in those days. Constantine was murdered by an assassin after 10 years of rule. Vortigern the Usurper, convinced Constans to come out of the monastery, to be crowned as king. This Constans did, becoming Vortigern's puppet in the process. This was a prelude to more treachery. Vortigern arranged the assassination of Constans, and crowned himself king.

Aurelius and Uther were taken to safety in Brittany by supporters of their father. When they came of age, they raised an army, and returned to Britain to reclaim their crown. Uther was know to love his brother, and for fully supporting his claim to be King. After they had returned to Britain, and had taken the field against Vortigern and his supporters, they won battle after battle, where Uther earned the title 'Pendragon'. Vortigern asked for a truce to discuss surrender. Aurelius accepted, against Uther's protests, promising safe conduct to Vortigern.

At this meeting, Vortigern would not discuss his surrender.............he wanted to divide Britain in half, between himself and Aurelius. During this meeting, a Pictish assassin crept into the camp, and hid himself. Aurelius refused to divide Britain, and Vortigern left. That evening, as he prepared to retire, the assassin crept into his tent, and stabbed Aurelius. Aurelius was not an average man, but a warrior. Even though he had been stabbed, he took the knife from the assassin, and cut the assassin's throat, with the very blade he had stabbed Aurelius with. However, his wound proved to be fatal. Uther had heard the fight between his brother and the assassin, and had rushed to his aid. He was not in time to save his brother's life. He did what he could to make his brother comfortable, and then cradled his brother in his arms long after life had left him. Before he died, Aurelius told Uther that he must 'carry the crown'.

Ten days later, Uther and his army met Vortigern and his allies. They were outnumbered 2 to 1. Vortigern, in his haste to make himself an undisputed ruler, had made a mistake. Uther and his army were enraged by the murder of their King. The battle was fierce, and the slaughter fearful. Vortigern and most of his allies were killed and beheaded. Over 90% of his army was killed on the field of battle, with many more hunted down, and executed in the days following.

Within days of this battle, Uther was crowned as King. This ended the years of warfare over succession to the crown. 'Relative' peace reigned for the next 15 years, while Uther was King. At this time, Merlin the Wizard became an advisor to Uther. Uther married, and had a son, Arthur. Uther was assassinated by enemies loyal to Vortigern, and England was again torn by war.

Merlin the Wizard was the companion, teacher, and advisor to Arthur. After Uther's murder, Merlin helped Arthur claim the throne of High King, and fend off Vortigern's allies, and the barbarian hordes they had enlisted for the fight. A true peace and prosperity came to Britain after Arthur had driven off the barbarians and routed Vortigern's remaining allies.

The centuries since have been filled with the exploits and legends of Uther and Arthur, Merlin and Mordrid, Lancelot and Guinevere, Camelot and the sword, Excalibur.

As we all have heard, the treachery did not end with Uther. Arthur died in a great battle, after which Merlin takes his body away, to "return again to be high King of the Island of the Mighty". Warfare returned to the land, and it was many centuries before Britain united, and became the country known as England.

Please read on to find out more!!!

Chapter 1