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Mech Battle 6 - Anniversary

Written by BlackPhoenix

It had been a year since the passing of Rouge Wolverine. The anniversary brought a time of contemplation for the entire clan. Reddragon was no exception. On the planet Avon the clan had constructed a scale model of the mighty Pendragon hall of honor. This was the resting-place of Rogue Wolverine. Avon’s mighty plateau’s served as sentinels over the resting-place of the Pendragon leader, silent watchers of the ages, to guard the tomb of a king. The scaled down hall was the most revered place in the Pendragon realm of influence. The holiest of their shrines, it was here that Reddragon came to pay his respects and seek guidance for the future of the clan. He came alone and unarmed, as tradition demanded. Rogue Wolverine had spoken against violence to bring weapons to this place of honor would have been unforgivable. It was a shame that not all thought in the same manner.

Reddragon knelt at the base of the tribute to the great leader. A brief moment of silence, to seek a peace that was little known to the Khan of the mighty clan.

"I had a feeling that you could not give even a moments respite for honoring our dead." He said while staring at the monument and never looking behind him.

"Peace comes with death." Came the amplified reply.

Reddragon slowly rose to his feet and brushed the creases of his pants and turned to face the one that would dare interrupt. Not 20 feet away stood a Maddog, the sleek little scout mech painted the dull gray of Comstar, the only color was the crest of this upstart house emblazoned and the left breast.

Reddragon looked into the shaded cockpit but could not see the pilot, as if it mattered. "And what do you hope to accomplish with this little stunt?" came the cold voice of RD.

"Your death." Boomed the voice from the external speaker.

"And what will my death prove?"

"It will prove" Again boomed the voice. "That Pendragon can not even protect it’s own Khan. So how can it protect others?"

Reddragon shook his head in agreement. It seemed that Comstar finally had a good plan. Will wonders never cease?

"You kill me and it proves nothing, and I would like to let you know that sometimes death is not THAT bad of an option."

The fast little mech settled on to it leg actuators, and the heavy machineguns took aim on the center of RD’s chest. The thought of death is with every warrior, but RD had always thought he would die at the controls of his Warhammer not standing in the dirt in a cemetery. But there were times when your options were up. He stood tall and prepared for the inevitable.

Two hundred meters out and 250 meters up, to the west of this little scene 6 jump jets fired. The bright yellow Warhammer they were connected to cleared the edge of the plateau and was in a controlled ballistic descent. (Like a big yellow rock). At over 400 meters a minute the Warhammer slammed into the Maddog just above the area that would have been the knees the side impact hit the much smaller mech with enough impact to knock it completely off the small plateau where it stood. The pilot was taken completely off guard and did not regain control during the fall. The small mech hit on its top and killed the pilot before he knew the ground was coming up fast. Missiles struck the edge of the flat-topped hill as Comstar reinforcements fired at the Warhammer. The angle was wrong at they struck the edge harmlessly. The yellow mech bent over and extended the heavy barreled auto-cannon that was its arm to RD. The Khan climbed on, and as the mech stood up and raised it’s arm RD scrambled into the opening cockpit.

"Hang on boss it is going to get real interesting in just a second." BlackPhoenix called over his shoulder as he put the large killing machine into motion. The Warhammer took off at maximum speed and ran right off the edge away from the enemy. The warning claxon went off and the automated voice of the computer screamed of incoming missiles. BP slammed the button for directional jets and RD was slammed into the bulkhead as the machine jetted to the left. Most of the missiles missed but a few found their target.

"What are you doing here?" asked RD

"Giving you a ride home, boss" was the quick reply.

Rd looked over BP’s shoulder at the radar. There were a lot of blips behind them and closing fast.

"Think we can make it?" was RD’s question mostly to himself.

"We got to stay alive for 2 minutes. We do that we are live forever." The statement seemed outlandish to RD but what choice did he have. BP changed frequencies on the radio and started yelling into the mike. "WE GOT TROUBLE DOWN HERE AND COULD USE SOME HELP!" With this BP slammed the directional jets again throwing Rd to the back of the small cockpit, cutting the back of his head. It took a few seconds for RD to regain his senses, and this was just as the jets fired again tossing RD the other way, but this time he braced and was left uninjured. Most of the missiles were avoided but a few hits came with every rack full fired at them. It would not be long at this rate before they were destroyed. BP jammed the jets again and the machine shot up and to the left.

"Heat level critical, heat level critical." Screamed the warning system. BP hit the override switch to let the craft overheat. "Hold on! We’re going down boss." BP said over his shoulder. The Mech hit the ground with a groan. The alarm bells informed them that when they landed, and that it had damaged the leg or legs. The speakers started droning their songs of damage.

"Critical damage leg, critical damage hip, Critical dama…" BP slapped at the button to quiet it. One more nail in their coffin. They were headed for the closest hill to try for cover. Both of them hoping for the jets to cool so they could get airborne again. Reddragon looked at the quickly approaching stone barrier. "What is that?" he asked pointing out the clear Endo-steel that was the cockpit. BP looked up. A large dark area was growing in size and getting bigger quickly. "SHIT!" was the only word as he jammed the jets hard right with the precious little juice he had left. The flat black mech of DarkWizard passed overhead, close enough that the 2 pilots instinctually ducked. DW landed with the full force of 80 tons of armor moving 400 kilometers an hour on the fast closing Maddog. He bounced off the wreckage as it crumbled and was in the air again.

It seemed as if Pendragon Warhammers were everywhere. Dropping from every direction. The larger mech had a given advantage in the collisions. The kinetic energy was no match for the smaller lightly armed scout Maddogs. Of the 5 Maddogs that landed 3 died in the first 5 minutes of the counter attack. The others were cleaned up in no time.

BP looked back at RD and saw that he was on the floor and bleeding from the head. He headed for the landing zone at the best speed he could make. Which wasn’t much with the damaged legs and burned out jump jets. He reported the situation to DW. DW and ProPhet dropped to the ground beside the moving BP and hooked their heavy AC’s under the arms of his mech and jumped into the air. The two carried the damaged mech to the hospital ship "Nightingale" that was standing by for just such an emergency. It took 14 stitches to close the cut on RD’s head. They also believed he had a slight concussion. There were other injuries but nothing that mattered. Pendragon lost one mech but that was to failure of jump jets at high altitude. RD came out of the recovery room and BP, DW, and PP were waiting. He shook hands all around and congratulated them for not violating the "No weapons on Avon" amendment, and want to know whose idea it was to bring mechs to a place of honor. This caused BlackPhoenix, to try his best to look innocent. (It didn’t work at all.) He shrugged shoulders and spoke up.

"Trust no one, suspect everyone. Paranoia is a wonderful thing if it works for you Sir."

RD just shook his head. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. He looked at BP and asked.

" Do you always fly like that?"

"OH NO SIR! I was trying to impress the Khan so I took it easy." The big grin was kind of disturbing but it was accepted. RD and this gang of cutthroats locked the mechs in the dropship then headed for his yacht and home.