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Mech Battle 4 - Kufstein

Written by BlackPhoenix

…. For The Clan no Sacrifice is to Great…

This rock was Kufstein, a twisted maze of canyons with no way out. The unique mineral content restricted the use of Jump jets to lateral movement. To fly was all but impossible. It took great skill just to get off the ground. This was the place that the of House Excaliber decided to make their most forward base. They had only one man stationed here to hold the entire inhabitable area of this small planet. His name was unknown, but he was known as "Jack the Ripper". This ominous name came from the way mechs were slaughtered and left inside the maze walls as signs to those who dared enter. This rock had no other value, except that it gave Excaliber an excellent position to monitor Clan Pendragon’s shipping and other flights in and out of the sector. The high command determined that this must stop. The only problem was that Jack the Ripper was good. He had been victorious against some of the best pilots tossed into the maze to get him. They were gone and he was still there.

After an Excaliber attack on a freighter full of much need medical supplies. The Pendragon command staff decided to try to get the Ripper once again. This time the job fell to Mecha and his green wingman Black Phoenix. They were dropped into the maze on the farside with orders to kill Jack the Ripper and bring back the Mech that had helped him survive numerous attempts on his person. They very carefully picked their way through the maze. Radar was useless with the strange minerals, so sight and sound played a major part in sighting their prey. Jack found them first. His AC’s hitting Mecha as he rounded a corner. Not much damage occurred, but it showed who was the master of the situation. The Timberwolf Killerwatt seemed to be just outgunned. The heavy machineguns were no match for the multiple AC’s of Jack the Ripper.

Mecha came up with a plan. Black Phoenix had managed to pick up one trick in his training. Stealth had instructed him on how to get on top of the walls in the maze. It was hard but could be done. Mecha told him to mount the walls, he (Mecha), would then draw the Ripper out and BP could go for the kill while Ripper was concentrating on him. BP had reservations about this plan but followed orders. He mounted the walls and waited. Using the external camera made tracking Mecha easier than relying on sight. Moving along the ridges using jump jets, BP stayed back at a discreet distance. Mecha wandered here and there trying to draw fire from the notorious killer.

The fight started quickly, Ripper came from no where, the first burst of AC fire destroyed Mecha’s left leg. BP was moving as fast as he could. The killer circled and blew off one of the out gunned timberwolfs arms. Which started a fire in the blown ammunition container. BP now had a visual on the battle. He saw the fire on Mecha’s machine. He jetted right off the edge toward the Ripper. He spun in the air and dumped machinegun fire into the cockpit of the enemy mech, while screaming into the comlink.

"Eject, Eject, Eject….."

The cockpit of Jack the Ripper exploded into a shower of clear Endo-steel and armor plating. The enemy mech fell to one side and lay on the ground. As he hit the ground BP pivoted and saw Mecha eject, finally. The rescue parachute failed to open, (it had burned away), and the escape pod with Mecha slammed into the earth. There was nothing left but twisted burning metal, and the remains of what had been Mecha.

The rescue and recovery team arrived, they took the Ripper mech and were very pleased with themselves on its capture. The only thing recovered from Mecha’s wreckage was the flight recorder. The last thing it said was "…. Remember me BP…". BP swore that he would. And to this day his mechs are all painted bright yellow so that no other pilot can draw fire from him, he swore that no one would die in his place again. This was the oath swore to a memory, a memory of a lost friend.