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Part 2 - The Story Continues

The notorious MECH BAR, owned by JimBob and Magnum, of the White Rhino Horde, was completely silent.

Nova Captain Tamer, of the Pendragon Clan, stood in the middle of the bar, legs spread, hands on her hips, smiling. To the other patrons, it was the smile of a wolf that had just caught a lamb as dinner.

"Well Rogue.........are you not glad to see me?" she asked her Khan.

"Hmmmmmmmm." was the only sound he made.

Magnum took this opportunity to begin stepping back from RW, as he did not want to get caught in anything that involved Nova Captain Tamer. He had heard more than rumors of just what she could do. He had seen her in action once. Once was enough for him. They needed mops to clean up what was left of those mercs.

At this moment, Darkmist of the Pendragon Clan made the mistake of entering the bar, accompanied by Lt. Wizardry of the Shadow Rat Marauders mercenary company.

"Hola gents" said Lt. Wizardry, as he walked over to a table next to the clanners.

"Hola Khan, Hola DW, Hola Death Hand, Hola Rooster, Hola Magnus, Hola Nova Captain Tam.........oh shit!", said Darkmist, as he turned and tried to get out the door he had just entered.

"Hold it right there, DM!" Tamer commanded.

Darkmist seemed to freeze in place, while trying to become invisible.

Tamer marched over to Darkmist, grabbed his shoulder, and whipped him around to face her.

"Hand them over, MechWarrior, or face me in a Circle of Equals!" Tamer demanded.

While Tamer was occupied with Darkmist, RW and Magnum ran to the end of the bar, and practically dived over it, to safety (they thought).

Magnus, crawled out from under the table he had hidden under earlier, looked at Tamer, and headed for a table as far from her as he could find. Rooster and DW, being the brave sort, remained where they were. Jackal, probably suffering from brain damage, wandered over by the Ladies Room.

Darkmist stared at Tamer without betraying any expression. He slowly reached around behind himself, and removed a small backpack, a gift from RW. He held it out carefully as Tamer took it from him.

Tamer turned, and walked over to the table where Rooster and DW sat, looked around the bar, and set down the backpack.

"Now where did RW get off too?" she asked the bar in general. "JB, where did RW and that hooligan Magnet, get off too?"

JB slowly wiped the top of the bar with a rag, as he answered, "I didn't see which way they went, Tamer. Prob' snuck out the back door. By the way, it's Magnum, not Magnet."

"Magnet, smagnet" she replied as she stared at the back door. She turned, picked up the backpack from the table, and crossed over to the bar. She carefully sat the backpack on the bar, and looked around the bar.

"You boys keep your hands off this backpack, or I might have to hurt you a little." she said.

DFA snickered, as Sling made shushing motions to him.

"AH HA.......I did not see you hiding over there, you hoodlum!" she said to DFA.

DFA grinned hugely at this, probably suffering from some strange disease. While her attention was focused on DFA , Darkmist quickly jumped over the bar, and right down to the floor.

Tamer looked around the bar again, just noticing Jackal, bent over staring at the wall by the Ladies Room. She looked perplexed for a moment, and had started to turn away when Jackal made a big mistake.

"Ooooohh, YEAH!" Jackal mumbled quietly.

Tamer's eyebrows furrowed as she yanked her S&W 20mm PPC sidearm from it's holster. It took her all of 5 seconds to fire 10 rounds in Jackal's general direction.


Plaster from the wall all around Jackal showered half the patrons of the bar, as Jackal dropped to the floor. Jackal looked up, slightly dazed, to look down the barrel of Tamer's PPC.

"You MASHER!" she yelled.

Jackal was a little distraught staring at Tamer's PPC. Fortunately, he was saved by an unlikely source.

An extremely attractive and well developed young woman came out of the Ladies Room, with a Colt 16mm Pulse Laser in her hand. Serena was know for being very easy to get along with, and for being very friendly. However, she did have a bit of a temper, and could be "difficult" when annoyed.

"Just WHO is the IDIOT that shot the crap out of the Ladies room?", Serena demanded of the bar in general.

Tamer looked Serena in the eye, and said, "ME! And a good thing I did too! Some MASHER was looking through a hole in the wall".

With all the confusion over the shooting, and all the patrons ducking, no one had noticed that the backpack had disappeared from the top of the bar.

Jackal, glad that Serena had accidentally come to his rescue, began to sweat. Laying on the floor, between two women that were annoyed at some MASHER, holding sidearms in their hands, was not where he wanted to be at that moment. And considering that he was the MASHER in question, did not help any.

Serena was starting to say something to Tamer, but was interrupted by JB.

JB was looking at the end of the bar, as he yelled "HIT THE DECK!". JB was the first to make a dive under the table where Rooster and DW remained motionless. Motionless until they saw what was arcing over the end of the bar.

"Damn!" shouted Rooster as he made a jumping dive for the table that Magnus hid under. DW took a different approach, and jumped through what was left of the wall to the Ladies room. Jackal's eyes almost popped out of their sockets, and he dropped his head to the floor, and covered it with his hands.

Tamer and Serena only had a second or two to comprehend what was happening. Then Serena saw the objects arcing over the end of the bar.

"TWINKIE GRENADES!" she screamed as she turned and jumped through the hole in the wall that DW had just made.

Tamer whipped around with her PPC in hand. She was not fast enough.

The Twinkie Grenades hit the floor and exploded.


The thick, creamy white filling exploded all over Nova Captain Tamer, covering her from her forehead to her toes, and knocking her off her feet. The filling was flung everywhere, with some of it hitting Serena on the backside as she dove through the hole in the wall to the Ladies Room.

Jackal, laying flat on the floor, was almost at the impact site. It was terrible.

A mound of the thick, creamy white filling, almost a meter tall, covered his head. His legs twitched as he tried, without success, to extradite himself from the mound.

The ceiling was covered in the thick, creamy white filling, in a blast radius of 10 meters. It dripped from the ceiling, covering chairs, tables, and patrons unlucky enough to have made it to cover. Lt. Wizardry had been a little slow to react. He was covered in the creamy white filling, and finding it impossible to stand. Magnus looked out from under the table, and seizing the opportunity, he ran over, and tied Wizardry's bootlaces to the center post of the table, leaving enough slack so that he could stand and walk about 2 meters before he ran out of bootlace.

RW and Magnum looked over the bar at the damage they had wrought. They both grinned like devils.

Tamer slowly sat up. Her eyes held a strange look, as she licked the creamy white filling from her lips.

"Ummm, not bad. Not bad at all!" she said as she slowly stood up. She was covered in the filling, and it had soaked completely through her clothing. The effect was remarkable.

"Hey Tamer, looking goodddddddd!" DFA announced as he stared and dropped his beer on the floor. He took a drink from the bottle he was no longer holding, and licked his lips.

Tamer gave him a hard look, and then caught sight of herself in the mirror above the bar.

"Ooooooh my!" she exclaimed breathlessly. Then she caught sight of RW and Magnum behind the bar.

"Oooh yeah, come here my Khannyy", she said as she ran her hands down her sides.

Magnum looked at RW and said, "That backfired."

RW looked at Magnum, and then to Tamer and said, "Last one out the door is going to be putting in some heavy overtime."

Magnum and RW vaulted the bar, and were out the back door before anyone could say a word.

Tamer was less than 5 meters behind them as she shouted, "Come here you little Khanny-poo and bring your friend too!" The evil leer upon her face was a sight to frighten the most jaded in the bar.

Rooster crawled out from under the table he had hidden under, and crossed over to the bar. He reached over the top of the bar, pulling the fire hose out, and turned it on to hose down Jackal. After he had washed the mound of filling off Jackal, he began to wash down the rest of the bar, with the feeble attempts of Lt. Wizardry to free himself providing some entertainment in the meantime.

Magnus was over by the wall of the Ladies Room, with his entire head stuck through the wall.

The Executive Officer of the SRM, Dacobra walked in the front door of the bar. He stopped dead in his tracks, looked around at the scene, and noticed Lt. Wizardry.

"Wiz, get your butt off that chair, and back to base" Dacobra said.

Lt. Wizardry made a superhuman effort, and got to his feet. He shuffled about two meters, before he suddenly fell on his face.

Dacobra frowned as Darkmist walked around the end of the bar, and got the handtruck used for deliveries. He wheeled it over to Wizardry, untied his bootlaces from the center post of the table, stuck it under his heels, and lifted Wizardry off the floor, to wheel him over to Dacobra.

"Here you go" said Darkmist helpfully.

Dacobra scowled as he said, "Thanks a bunch. Wiz..............." The rest of his sentence was lost as he wheeled Wizardry out of the bar.

Rooster shut off the fire hose, as he and JB noticed the thick, creamy white filling dripping off of the velvet Elvis painting behind the bar.

"Looks kind of natural, don't cha' think JB?" said Rooster.

JB looked horrified and turned to run for the Men's room, but slipped on the gooey mess on the floor, and fell on his own face instead.

Magnus pulled his head back from the hole in the wall to the Ladies Room, looked at JB and said, "Interesting. I wonder when RW will get back........."

The Adventures Continue....the MECH BAR....Part 3