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The History of the Pendragon Clan

Chapter 6

Colonel Fallen One strode out the armor reinforced doors of the command bunker, and turned towards the Mech repair building. His brisk walk had only carried him 100 meters, or so, when he heard the unmistakable sound of an helicopter coming from the Capital city. He stopped to inspect the helicopter as it swooped to a landing in front of the command bunker, and was greeted by the sight of Lt.Col. Maugan exiting the craft.

He had addressed the Republic Senate yesterday, and introduced the Pendragon Clan liaison officer, a Star Colonel Spike Schoenmann. The Star Colonel had outlined the clan proposal to the Senate. Fallen One had asked the Senate to seriously consider the clan proposal, and make a quick decision. He had assigned Lt.Col.. Maugan to the Senate as his liaison officer, with instructions to contact him as soon as the Senate had made their decision. But he had not expected any decision this quickly.

"Lt.Col. Maugan, has the Senate reached a decision?"

"Yes Colonel. They have accepted your proposed alliance, and the proposals as presented by the Star Colonel."

Colonel Fallen One's eyebrows furrowed at this, but he said nothing. He had gained tremendous respect for his abilities as an officer, and a mechwarrior during the clan invasion. He was not interested in glory or power. He was devoted to the Republic, and it's defense. Due to his unselfish demeanor, and the sacrifices he had made, he was beloved by the people of the Republic. In their eyes, he was a gift from heaven. However, he was not fully aware of the true feeling of the people of the Republic, and he was almost unprepared for the Senate's quick decision.

The furrows in his eyebrows smoothed completely, and a smile lit his face, "This is excellent news Maugan. Excellent. Has the Star Colonel been informed?"

Lt.Col.. Maugan smiled broadly, "After the vote was taken, which was unanimous by the way, the members of the Senate invited the Star Colonel to join them this evening, to celebrate the alliance. The Star Colonel accepted. The Senate has also requested that you join them."

Colonel Fallen One nodded, "Yes, that would be necessary. Return to the Senate chambers, and inform Senator Hilbran that I will join them this evening. Also, insure that the Star Colonel's needs are attended to. And please ask the Comstar Precentor to be at this celebration. I need to speak to him."

Lt.Col. Maugan saluted his Colonel, as the Colonel returned the salute. He turned and strode briskly back to the waiting helicopter. With a quick power increase, the helicopter lifted, and turned back to the capital city. Fallen One watched the helicopter return to the city for a moment, and then resumed his walk to the Mech repair building. He did not notice that he was whistling. He had not done that since just before the clans had invaded.

He would conduct a briefing for his commanders tomorrow. His commanders had not expressed any opinions when he had first discussed this proposal with them. He had been surprised in the past by their intense loyalty and devotion to him, but he did not want to make any assumptions now. Well, that matter was for tomorrow, and the mech repairs and the celebration were today's.

The Grand Ballroom of the Republic was of impressive construction and detail. Built in 2655, during the "Golden Era" of the Star League, the interior walls were cut from granite, with the floors covered in "Italian" marble, imported from Terra. All of the anterooms were paneled in a rich, dark Mahogany imported from Galedon V in the Draconis Combine. Externally, it resembled the Parthenon of ancient Greece, on Terra, with massive columns supporting the roof on all four sides of the structure, all constructed of ferrocrete.

The building was not overly large at 150 meters on each side, and 100 meters in height. However, the entire building was massively reinforced with ferroplate armor sandwiched between the interior and exterior walls, with each of the support columns constructed around a core of the same armor. The roof was constructed of 15 layers of the same ferroplate armor, sandwiched between layers of endo steel, and covered in a hand beaten copper tile. The entire building was so massive, that it had required over 200 footings, driven down over 400 meters, to support the structure. At the time, it was questioned as to why the armor reinforcement was necessary. 400 years later, The Republic was fortunate to have such a structure. It would have taken a full galaxy of clan mechs, concentrating their fire on the building, to force a breech. Or a large tactical nuclear weapon.

Senator Hilbran looked around the ballroom with pride. He considered this structure to be the most impressive on the planet, especially taking into consideration that his family had been the original builders. He also felt that he owned the building. His reverie was interrupted by Senator Wilson.

"Hilbran, what time is that Star Colonel arriving?"

Hilbran smiled as he answered, noting Wilson's brusque manner, "I expect him to arrive shortly, Senator. I will make sure that you are one of the first to greet him personally."

Hilbran was very good at his profession. He personally loathed Senator Wilson, but Wilson was a major contributor to the party. As such, he had to be handled delicately.

"What about the Colonel? Has he been informed as to the correct time of this ‘celebration'?"

"Of course Senator. I sent Lt. Col. Maugan to contact him directly."

"Good. I want to speak to him."

The smile never left Hilbran's face. He did not want Wilson speaking to the Colonel privately. He would have to forestall any such meeting. He quickly found an excuse to get away from Wilson, to make the necessary arrangements.

"Excuse me Senator, I see Senator Strike and his wife arriving."

Wilson said nothing, but kept his eyes on Hilbran's back as he turned and walked away. He was a very direct man, and did not employ subterfuge as Hilbran would. He also knew that Hilbran could not be trusted. But, Hilbran had not hesitated earlier during the voting, to allow the ‘clanners' to migrate to RFR space. Hilbran had even suggested what planet to give them........Avillion. Avillion was a moderately industrialized world, and of little strategic importance. It's population was mainly technical and professional, with a few small farms. There were no mech or armament facilities on the planet. The main export item was computer components. He did not know of any interests that Hilbran had on Avillion, and could see no logical reason for Hilbran to suggest it as a home for the ‘clanners'. But he intended to find out. He turned and headed to the conference room, where a scrambled com channel could be opened.

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