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The History of the Pendragon Clan

Chapter 3

The room was almost empty, the lighting still dim. Shadows cast by the light from an open fireplace danced across the walls, leaping as if in joy, or agony. The occupants of the room paid no attention to the shadows, as they were nothing but memories of events that had already transpired.

Rogue de Bruis of the outlawed Clan Wolverine sat at the head of the table. Radda Samaratini sat to his left. Rebecca de Bruis sat next to Radda. Spike Schoenmann sat to his right with Katherine Cromwell next to him. Kodiak Lee stood behind Rebecca, his large hands resting on the back of her chair. Rebecca looked up to her uncle and asked "Where, dear uncle, is sweet Rachel?".

Kodiak looked to Rogue, his wife's brother, and then down to his niece. "She has gone with her mother."

Rebecca looked to her father, her face a mixture of concern and amusement. "Dear father, have you forgotten to mention this to me?"

Radda and Spike exchanged looks of amusement. They had quickly gotten used to the wordplay between the Rogue and his feisty daughter. Katherine smiled at Rebecca, as if to further encourage her.

"As we have discussed, I have sent Terri and Rachel to the Inner Sphere, to seek an alliance. The freebooters will take them to three different contact worlds, and then return them to us. With the Will of Kerensky, they will have a positive lead. You knew of his. Do you seek to question me?" Rogue asked.

Radda and Spike exchanged looks again. Rebecca was well known for her fiery temper. Kodiak looked amused. He had four daughters of his own. Radda could not quite stop himself from saying, "Freebooters? HA! Out and out pirates!". Rogue looked to Radda, but said nothing to everyone's relief.

Rebecca replied quietly, "No father. You have spoken about the need to keep everyone informed as to what will transpire, quiaff?"

Rogue smiled at his daughter's quick turn of the table. "Aff, young one. Point taken." Kodiak rubbed his cheeks to help hide the grin he wore. "I see you hiding that grin, Bear. Your time will come!"

Among family, Kodiak's nickname was Bear, because of his large size. He was not as tall, or as broad as an Elemental, but at 165 kilograms, he was almost as massive as one. He was as fearsome in battle as his namesake, piloting the mech he was named after. He was a freebirth mechwarrior from Clan Ice Hellion, who had proven his ability as a mechwarrior several times over. However, his career in Clan Ice Hellion had effectively ended when he had married into the outlawed clan. Marriage alone had branded him as dezgra...........marriage to a member of the "not named clan" had branded him as dezgra in all the clans, and ended his career. Advancement in rank had never been of great interest to him. His only real passions were his wife and family, and helping to restore the Star League. He had never spoken of his graditude towards his wife's brother, and their clan, for giving him a home, but his fierce devotion to his Khan was more than evident of his loyalty.

Katherine asked Rogue, "What of the younger Wolverines? Do you still expect difficulties with them?".

Rogue exchanged a glance with his daughter, and faced Katherine. "Yes. They see this move as abandoning our heritage. They only care about resurrecting Clan Wolverine. They do not have any patience. Rebecca has had many discussions with them . They refuse to speak to the "solahma" Khan".

Rebecca picked up the conversation, "They care about nothing but seeing Clan Wolverine brought back. They have lost sight of our true heritage, only seeing the dishonor caused by the Fire Mandrills and the Blood Spirits. They refuse to see the handiwork of the Falcons behind them. They may be able to resurrect the clan, but they will only become the puppets of the Falcons in doing so. They cannot believe that they can be so used, but we have already seen what the Falcons will do. They are even now attempting to influence their decision, by offering to bring a petition before the ilKlan for them."

Radda spoke up, "Is there anything we can do to counter the Falcons in this?"

Rogue shook his head, "No. Short of killing the young whelps outright, we will not change their minds. And we do not kill clansmen because they disagree with our views."

Radda spoke up again, "Where Falcons walk, treachery follows!"

Spike looked to Radda, "Yes, but this is beyond our control now". He then looked to Rogue and asked, "What are your plans now, Khan?".

Rogue answered, "We will await word from Terri and Rachel. If they have found a suitable ally, we can begin. However, until we are settled upon a new world, and organized, I will not be Khan. I will act as Loremaster".

Everyone was startled by this. Rebecca looked to her uncle, who was staring at Rogue, with narrowed eyebrows. Radda looked shocked, Katherine as surprised as everyone else. Only Spike showed no concern. Rebecca's eyebrows narrowed much like her uncle's, as she looked back and forth at her father, and Spike. Spike had know of this.

"Well father, as you seem to be keeping secrets again, perhaps you will tell the rest of us your plan to provide us with a leader, quiaff? Or, perhaps we shall operate as the freebooters do?"

"Enough child. I will brook no rebuke from you on this!" Katherine's face bore no expression. Kodiak face remained concerned, but patient. Radda looked confused. Rebecca wisely remained silent.

"I will act as Loremaster, and acting Khan. When we have established Clan Pendragon on a new home, we will schedule a Trial of Position for all ranks. Including Khan. In this clan, rank will be based on ability, and intelligence. This will be done to eliminate politics within the clan. Let the Falcons and the Ghost Bears waste their time and energy in politics. We will use our time to prepare a suitable reception for their arrival".

Smiles spread around the table as quickly as a Comstar HPG transmission. This was the Rogue they knew. A suitable reception would indeed, be prepared. Kodiak cracked the knuckles of his large hands, causing a unique sound. Radda, and Katherine winced at this. Kodiak had done that before, but it was very difficult to get used to the sound of bones being crushed before your eyes. It was even more difficult to get used to the look of delight on his face when he did this.

"It is time to return to our other duties, and await word from Terri". Radda and Katherine stood, nodded to Rogue, and departed together, conversing quietly. Spike stood, and waited. Kodiak clasped hands with Rogue, and followed Radda and Katherine out. Rebecca joined her father and Spike.

"When is Terri due back?" Spike asked.

"Their jumpship is in-system now", Rogue answered.

Spike and Rebecca were both surprised. "You are full of surprises today, my friend".

"Yes father, you are. Perhaps you know more than you have spoken of, quiaff?"

Rogue's green eyes glittered, but he said nothing. He turned and walked toward the door. Radda and Rebecca exchanged another surprised look, and quickly joined him.

Chapter 4