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The Lost Star - Part 2 - Trouble Everywhere

Written by Dark Wizard

Two weeks have pasted since the star has been sent to the Beta sector, and RedDragon has felt the worst. The whole time he has sat at his desk looking out he window to the world outside. Still the pain of what he had done haunts him. Many of the Pendragon worlds have fallen to other clans because of the lack of interest of RedDragon. Many warriors have already left the clan in search of a better life. Things look really bad for Pendragon at this point.

RD slaps the button to activate the communication panel in front of him. "Has Dark Wizzard show up for his 1200 appointment yet!" bellows RD. "Sir. He just walked in the door, I will send him right in." The voice returns.

Dark Wizzard walks into the room, dressed in his work clothes, and full of grease. "Sir SaKhan DarkWizzard reporting as ordered!" DW barks. "At ease SaKhan! I have words to discuss with you! And why are you dressed like that?" RD barks back. DW looks at RD and explains, "Sir we have lost many warriors in our battle with the other Clans, and some have decided not to up their service. So we are forced to take on jobs to fill in for the missing warriors." RD looks DW over and says "And I take it you are filling in for the mechanics?" "Well Sir, I am the most qualified left now!" explains DW. RD shakes his head in wonder. "DW what has happened to Pendragon, we used to be strong in numbers, and now we are just few. Its only been 2 weeks since we sent that Star into the beta sector, and looks at us. What will they have to come back to? Will there be anything left for them? Are we just going to fade away, and give them nothing to come back to?" DW looks at RD with a troubled face. "RD you have been sitting in here for weeks, and have made no effort to advance the Pendragon Clan further into other regions. Just sitting here and letting the other Clan take what is ours. What do you expect to happen? The warriors have moved on to other things, there isn't anything to do here except sit or die. And you know how warriors are, they have to be doing something or they get anise." "DW I just do not have the drive I used to, after sending those warriors into the Beta sector to their deaths!" "RD you don't know that will happen, you just don't know." "DW I have made a decision, and it is up to you to just follow orders!" "I am resigning my position as Khan." "RD you can't!" "DW the orders are already draw up and signed!" "RD!" "DW you are now in charge of Pendragon, and its up to you to make sure those men have something to come back to!" "RD I will do my best to give those men a Pendragon to come back to, one that is greater than when they left!" "I know you will DW, I know you will. Call the Clan to order in the courtyard. This will be my last order to you Khan Dark Wizzard!" "Aye Sir!"

Dark Wizzard stood there with what was left of the main Cluster of warriors, now numbering less then 30 pilots. Khan RedDragon walked out onto the courtyard, his face full of pain for what he was about to do. "Clan Attention! Khan on deck!" DW barked at the warriors. RedDragon looked out at the warriors that were left of the main fighting force that was left of Pendragon, and could only look down in pain. "Warriors! I have called you all here to inform you of a change of leadership! As of this day SaKhan Dark Wizzard will now be know as Khan of the Pendragon Clan!" All of the warriors looked at RW in surprise, and started talking among each other. RD yelled out at them, "Warriors you are at Attention!". And all faces pointed forward. "You will all give Khan Dark Wizzard the same respect that you have shown me, and that is my final Order!" RD slowly walked off the courtyard and into the command building.

Galaxy Commander BlackPhoenix looks at Dark Wizzard and says "DW what are we going to do, we have no idea as to what he has done to this point to get the clan in this shape!" DW looks at BP and says, "BP we start over, and fix what has been done, and that's all we can do." BP shakes his head and looks at the warriors that are left, "DW we sure have a lot of work to do don't we." "Yes BP we sure do, we sure do my friend. Which brings me to something else...SaKhan BlackPhoenix dismiss the warriors, we have plans to make." BP looks at DW in surprise. "BP who else would be my second in command! Make it so SaKhan BP!" BP turns to the warriors "Warriors Dismissed!".

DW motions BP to follow him and says, "BP I want you and all our Star Captions in my office within 2 hours, and please bring all the star maps of the sectors we have lost in the past 2 months with you" "Yes Sir Khan DW." "BP we have battle plans to make, and we need to make them now, before it's to late!" "Aye Sir."