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Mech Battle 7 - TREACHERY

Written by BlackPhoenix

Through years of research and development starting with the former Khan Firecracker, Pendragon researchers had developed a new design of Mech. Based of the frame of a Rifleman, the new mech had a wider variety of weapons systems, was more heavily armed, with more armor and above all was faster. The missile locking system had been finely turned and had a better accuracy percentage. The internal frame had been modified to allow more storage of AC ammunition. The jump jets had been greatly increased in the amount of thrust they produced, and more of them had been added. The improved engine was faster and a lot lighter in weight, which left more weight available for other things. This 65-ton mech with its 2 distinctive AC barrels on each side was still under the weight that could be carried in the frame. And in battle speed was life.

The first time it was used in battle it was a shock to Comstar forces. The little war machine carried the punch of a Warhammer at the speed of a Stormcrow. Jumping at speeds that could not be matched and making turns that would snap the leg actuators of a heavier mech the "Longrifle III" was a terror to those caught unaware.

This machine was the most closely guarded secret in Pendragon history. But others knew that something was going on. Enemy search and rescue teams recovered the black boxes of enemy mechs, the armored recorders told of the massive damage inflicted by a much smaller machine moving at impossible speeds and making incredible maneuvers. Many clans were afraid that they would face this new threat to their superiority and security. This machine had to be captured but how? All the Comstar allies gathered for a conference with only one topic, how to stop Pendragon.

His name was Devastator, and he held the rank of Galaxy Commander in the ranks of Pendragon. An exalted rank of honor among his peers, looked up to by all that knew him. Then dishonor reared its ugly head. It is not known what caused the warrior to turn traitor but these are the events as they happened.

Dev approached the cadet guarding the research and development hanger. The young man snapped to attention. The salute was right out of the training manual. Dev returned it and moved closer.

"Cadet surprise inspection. "

"Sir, Yes Sir." Was the shaky voiced reply.

Dev moved into the building. There was only one scientist working and he had a welding helmet on. The plasma torch made a high-pitched screech as it cut. The user had heavy sound baffles on to protect his hearing. It was no problem to slip up behind him and slip 8 inches of alloy steel between his unsuspecting ribs. Grabbing the torch with the other hand to prevent it from hitting the ground Dev let the body fall and then after turning off the torch. Dev concealed it behind some boxes and covered it with debris and moved on. Being a facility for huge mechs the room was very large. He moved about making sure he was alone. Devastator headed for the prize. He gathered up all the plans for the new machine and pulled a small digital camera from his boot. He shot photos of the interior of the machine, then pictures of the added exterior components. Hiding the camera back in its safe place he then hid the plans in a pocket concealed in his flight jacket. Making sure he left nothing that could be used as clues. He exited through a window in the very back. This was a blind spot for the surveillance cameras. It would seem that he just came into view at the entrance of the officer’s barracks. Being proud of his scheme and his perfection of its execution he strolled back to his quarters.

At the point of Dev’s opening the window, a light came to life on Blasters desk. The beeping of the alarm startled blaster and it took 2 full seconds for him to realize what was going on. He hit the security alert switch and started to call out the location into a hand held radio. As Dev entered his quarters the first of the security men arrived on the scene. Orders were given and sentries sent to the gates, and dogs were loosed between the fences. The base was effectively closed down.

Dev changed into his robe and went out to direct the search. The results were as he expected, nothing or no one was found. He gave orders to keep up the search until the murderer was found and went to bed. The sleep of success was sweet. The men were searching until the sun started to rise. At 5AM the orderly knocked on the Galaxy Commanders door and informed him of the time. Dev moved to the shower. Must not change his routine now, there must be nothing to show any change at all. As he was finishing the same breakfast he had every morning, the comlink began its nasty little buzz. Dev hit the button and the face of Reddragon came into view.

"Why Devastator, Why?"

"Excuse me Sir?" was the shocked reply.

"I thought you were my friend as well as my strong right arm. Why did you do it?" The pain in RD came through the comlink.

"I have no idea what you are talking about Sir." Dev got the feeling that this had gone sour.

"We have evidence that you killed Doctor Htaed and stole the plans for Longrifle and knowing how thorough you are, the odds are that you also took back up pictures. "Why Dev?" once again asked RD.

"Excuse me Sir but what evidence do you have?" ask Devastator in a sarcastic tone.

RD snapped his fingers at something off screen, and motioned for something to come forward. A young Cadet came in to view of the transmitter. Scared out of his wits by being in the presents of the Khan. Devastator at once recognized him as the cadet who was on guard at the research lab when he entered. He had meant to go back and kill him before he left. Plans ruined by someone not qualified to polish his boots. Dev had no reply. He just stared at the screen. The young cadet was even more nervous when confronted by the silence. RD touched the Cadets arm and guided him from in front of the monitor.

"Do you have anything to say in your defense Former Galaxy Commander?"

This statement shocked Dev. They had him cold. What to do?

"Sir, I will report to your office at once Sir." Dev gave a salute and closed the connection.

Dev grabbed his coat with the plans and headed for the door. It would be a few minutes until they found out he lied, maybe, just maybe he could still get away. He moved as fast as possible with out drawing attention to his self. He jumped into the cockpit of his personal transport and began the start procedure. This is when he noticed the note taped to the console. He opened it and started to read.


I do not believe what they are saying about you. You have been my friend for many years and it is not believable that you would betray the clan like this. But if you are reading this I guess they were right and I was wrong. You must be a traitor and a coward as well. Good-bye."

His name was Streaker, he was a simple Mechwarrior in Dark Knight Star. He had shown no spectacular abilities and was just a good pilot with no great ambitions. He did not want or need much. Hot food, a warm bed, and cold beer. He had his honor and not much else but what else did a man need. This was the kind of men that Clans were built on HONOR ABOVE ALL ELSE.

Devastator had been the officer to top him into the Clan. (Trail of Position). Dev had helped him adjust to military life and guided him in the skills required to stay alive on the battlefield. Streaker was the first man the scared young cadet had approached, Streaker was his bunkmate and was the closest thing to a friend the Cadet had. At first Streaker grabbed the young man by the lapels and demanded that he take that back. After the initial anger subsided he took the young man to the Khan. He bolstered the young mans courage as he told Reddragon what he had seen. Then he left the cadet with the officers and went about some private business. There had to be an explanation. A reasonable answers why this happened. But sometimes things were just wrong. He went to the ammunition bunker and removed 5 pounds of thermite from its cooling locker. He then wired it to the console of Devs scout ship and left him a note that he hoped would never be read. Then made his way to the mess hall and sat down with a cup of coffee. If nothing happened he would remove the bomb and replace the thermite with no one being the wiser. He just sat there alone staring into his coffee, sometimes life could be so unfair.

Five pounds of thermite makes a loud noise, a monstrous fireball, along with a deep crater. As the concussion hit Streaker raised his cup to the heavens and called out friendship to the winds finished the liquid ignoring the burning in his mouth. Streaker didn’t have that many friends and had just lost one.
Honor above all.