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Mech Battle 13 - Stormy Night: The Death

Written by RedDragon

The Skies were filled with stormy clouds that fateful night. The twin Hammers stood a silent vigil over the Reactor Core, which was their duty to protect. RedDragon and Stealth mobile were seen as dark silhouette as the light lit the countryside. Looming out on the horizon, moving like a tidal wave toward their position, was an Inner Sphere Assault Battalion. Coms were silent, The IS unit could not see the two standing just behind the wall by the gate. Standing atop his Hammer, Star Colonel Stealth looked through his range finder. He smiled as they, enemy unit, came into view. Glancing over at Red, "1.5 and closing" he yelled over the howl of the wind that blew from their back.

They face each other. The bow is deep, and their hearts are filled with honor. Sliding into his oh so familiar seat in his Hammer, Stealther strokes the old lady who has taken him into so many battles before. Estimating the enemy unit would take 30 seconds to reach the range, he begins his startup checks. He doesn't think about what he is doing for he could do it in his sleep. He hears and feels the hum of the high tech engine begin to heat up.

The radar HUD comes up. There at 1.1 k moving towards the duo, the IS mechs. A Timber Wolf and a Hammer proceeded by a Stormcrow and Maddog. Coms crackle on as the command comes across the net.

Lets Rock! As if in unison Nova Colonel Reddragon and Star Colonel Stealth lean their hammers back just as they lock on the first target. The sky lights up with fire as the streams of LRM’s rocket towards the destined target. Within seconds the Maddog is smoldering in a heap of wreckage.

Again they lock on a target. The Crow was a bit harder to kill then the Mad Dog. Meanwhile the Hammer and T-Wolf had closed distance. Reddragon started receiving fire. "One more volley, then fall back!" Came the order.

Within seconds the Storm Crow was destroyed. With split second timing they both released another volley at the advancing enemy. "Move! Move!" Red’s command fell on deaf ears as blood lust filled Stealth's heart. Before Nova Colonel Reddragon could react SC Stealth was in the mix with a Hammer and a T-Wolf. All Red could here come across the com was a wild laughter as the battle drew to an end. Hitting the Jump jets, feeling it in his heart. There will be one less of us this day. Rage! Rage into the fight! As the weapons fire lit the unholy night.

Without warning, Star Colonel Stealth's Hammer began to glow a brilliant white. Then was gone. Where the battle had been waged, stood a lone Hammer. Why must this be? Nova Colonel Reddragon's voice trails off as he sobs in silence for the loss. It was not a loss to himself, but to the Clan.

"Nova Colonel Reddragon; This is Dropship Blade, ETA 45 sec. What is your situation?" The radio crackles to life "Come in blazing, IS Assault BN engaged. Estimate 3 Stars. Wing down. I am moving to intercept second wave. All that Nova Colonel Reddragon could see was flame.

Again NC Reddragon hit the jump jets. Falling back to the gate again, he locked onto another IS mech, and began to shell it without mercy. In between volleys of missiles, hitting the JJ's to clear the top of the wall, you could hear the scream from the Duel AC 5s singing death to whatever got in its way. The T-Wolf jerked left and right as the shells impacted. Suddenly it blossomed into a fiery ball of twisted metal, as internal ammo exploded. That’s one for you My Brethren, you bum. The Dropship touched down and from the corner of his eye, Red saw the Standard of the Anvil Command Trinary jet out of its portals.

RD knew that he would never see his friend, and partner in battle again. As he turned to enter the dropship though he saw something moving in the distance, a small figure about the size of a man. "Could it be!!" RD yelled out. As the figure grew closer he realized he was right…"Stealther!!" RD then began laying cover fire for his friend until he was in the dropship. Then entered the dropship himself. "Dam!!" He said to himself. "How did he get out of that mess?" Inside the dropship Stealth told RD of his near escape from his mech just before it went up in flames. All RD could do is punch Stealth in the arm and say…

"Dam you Stealth!!…You took years off my life with that stunt."

Then he hugged his friend and said "But glad to see you old friend…glad to see you."