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Top news articles about Clan Pendragon, it's activities, and anything about Mechwarrior/Battletech.

  • Sign-up Form Issue

    There was an issue with the sign-up form preventing pilots from signing up for the clan.

    It is now resolved.

  • Website Restore Complete

    I have finished the website restore, and even added more then what was there before.

    The last battles from TKZ Netmech have been restored.  Still missing the individual scores.

  • Member View Page Completed

    The member view page is now completed.  You will see Merit, Battles, and Skill awards when you reach the required levels.

    Fixed a bug in the member editor if you did not select a Battlemech Choice.

    Also added the Netmech IRC Chat link to the left menu.  It will open a new window in your browser.

  • Last TKZ Battle Results Found!

    After searching through the TKZ.net website I found the last seasons battles before it ended.  Now I just need to find who fought in those battles.

    I also found the planet conditions to go along with the results.

    With this data I can start recreating the patches for each battle won.

  • More Data Found!

    I found the following pages in my CD archives after digging into all the folders:

    Mechwarrior Tips
    Netmech Setup Guide

    These pages have been added to the Members Area.

  • Sign-up Form Updates

    Added an administrator email notification when a new member submits the form. Also removed required field check for Kali number.

  • Members Area Updates

    Ranks, Profile Editor, and started the profile viewer. It will show all earned patches, awards, and other decorations. It will also include all member scores.
  • Clan Pendragon Website Is Back Online

    After years of being offline, the Clan Pendragon website is back online. Most of the site was brought back from a local archives, but most of the data driven content as lost. We are in the process of re-creating that lost content.
  • Clan Pendragon Domain Name Purchased

    The clan-pendragon.org domain name was available for purchase. Now that we own the name again we can start rebuilding the website.