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Check out the instructions for Installing NETMECH DOS.

Illegal Mechs Used in Registry, and Other Leagues

A new illegal 'Mech chassis has surfaced in the last few weeks. This chassis has 6 additional slots in the legs and head, for weapons, heat sinks, or other equipment. Pilots are using this chassis to get around the Registry Missile Boat rule, by loading this chassis with addition weapons not included in the Missile Boat rule. These extra slots in the legs also make the legs very difficult to destroy for some reason.

In short, someone has "hacked" the main Netmech .MEK files, to allow this chassis to exist. Since it provides a tremendous advantage to that pilot, it is another form of cheating. Pilots that find these 'Mech chassis' in their .PLR files should forward a copy of that 'Mech to the Registry High Council, along with the pilot's name, and what unit he belongs too.

The "Fly Through Walls" Cheat Code

There is another cheat code that can be used to jump jet through a wall, mountain, building, or other solid object. Eyewitnesses have reported pilots using this code to jump jet into a mountain, where they could shoot at you, and your weapons could not hit them in return. Also, once a player jumps into a solid object, a radar lock cannot be maintained.

The "ECM" Cheat Code

A number of players have noticed that in some games, some players will suddenly disappear from the radar screen, even when they have not exited the game. These players may be using the so called "ECM" cheat code. This code does exist, and can be used by a player to make themselves completely invisible to all radar. There is no type of radar lock that will work on a player using this code. Missiles cannot lock, and are almost useless. Energy weapons and autocannons are the only weapons that can function without a radar lock, but only if this player is within visible distance. One word of warning; this code does not affect their use of radar locks on you.

Finding a "Cheat" Mech

A number of players have complained about other players using "cheat" 'Mechs (mechedit 'Mech designs). There are programs available, to check out other players 'Mechs. MECHMAN is the best know of these programs. However, there is the old fashioned method to find a "cheat" mech.

After a game with a player that may have used a "cheat" 'Mech, you can exit Netmech, and go into your Netmech\Mek subdirectory. There, you will find a mek file called TBRxxPLR.MEK (I use a Timberwolf as an example). Rename this file TBRxxUSR.MEK. The xx is a number, and the number you use when you rename this file, should be higher than any Timberwolf configuration number in your MECH2\MEK subdirectory. Copy this file from the Netmech\Mek subdirectory, into your MECH2\MEK subdirectory (if they are different subdirectories). Start MW2, and go the ToG, on the opening game screen. Click on the 'Mech outline to get into the Mech Lab, and bring up this 'Mech design to check it out. If an opponent used a Std. or Alt. Config 'Mech design that came with the game, this XXXxxPLR.MEK file will not be found.

A "cheat" 'Mech design will be quickly revealed, with minor exceptions. There are also weapons editors available, so you may need to find copies of these programs to completely check a suspect 'Mech design. Anyone finding a good Mech design checker, that can check weapons output also, please send us a copy. I will setup our page to make this program available here, via direct DL.

Open Warfare on the GC Netmech Server

Lag is an ever-present problem in Netmech. As such, you should always conduct Registry level warfare on a 'quiet' server. The number of players logged into a server will determine (to a major degree) the amount of lag.

The GC Netmech server has one of the worst connection/ping/packet loss rates on the internet. GC Netmech is one of the most popular, which contributes to this problem. It would be advisable to conduct Registry level wars on other servers, to reduce lag, and to make the matches 'fair' on a technical level

This does not address the issue of Registry level wars on the GC Netmech server. It would be 'politically' expedient to hold all Registry activities on another server, to avoid 'hard' feelings on the part of GC members. It would be a shame to lose the most popular Netmech server's usage to Registry members, due to the actions of a few.

Warfare on any Server

Registry level warfare conducted on any server has the potential for additional problems, due to the problems created by lag and packet loss. Lag is present in almost all games. As such, the person with the worst connection, will be given a slight advantage. However, this 'slight advantage' becomes greatly exaggerated when packet loss is added in.

A small degree of packet loss may be unavoidable. However, Kali95 has the ability to 'turn on' packet loss, to increase the game play speed. When this is done during Registry level wars, it is nothing less than a form of 'cheating'. A more subtle form of this, is for players with poor ISP connections, having high packet loss rates, to conduct warfare on a server where their packet loss rate is higher than that of their opponents. This is also a form of 'cheating'.

At this time, a small number of units have begun tracking other players and units, where ping times and packet loss was above 'normal' levels, during Registry level wars. It is planned to forward a report on this 'cheating' to the Registry Level 3 Chairman. Other actions are in the planning stages, and are not known at press time