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Code of Conduct


You have been accepted as a clan member to serve with Clan Pendragon faithfully and with honor in its gaming endeavors. Conduct yourself in a manner which does not bring discredit upon yourself and your fellow pilots.

Clan Code of Conduct

  • We value good sportsmanship and a friendly attitude both in and outside of the game.
  • We expect all players to treat others with respect, equality and fairness.
  • We do not put down players of lesser skill.
  • We value discipline and teamwork is our strength; respect and loyalty are our virtues.
  • We do not cheat or hack nor do we promote cheating and hacking.
  • We do not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, or national origin or sexual orientation.
  • We enjoy playing MWO both against & with other players that share our desire to maintain our environment with Honor, Integrity & Teamwork.
  • We are warriors of a proud and storied Clan, as such we will not engage in forum trolling, disrespectful and derogatory comments in game chat or on voice comms towards allies or adversaries.
  • We like to have fun and joking around is certainly allowed, but not in an abusive manner or at each other's expense.
  • We police one another; one of the most effective administrative corrective measures is on-the-spot corrections. Use this tool for making the quickest and often most effective corrections to deficiencies in training or standards. Generally there is one of two reasons a Clan member requires an on-the spot correction. Either the warrior you are correcting does not know what the standard is or does not care what the standard is. If the warrior was aware of the standard but chose not to adhere to it, this may indicate a larger problem that the Keshik should address. In such a situation you might follow up an on-the-spot correction with a notification to the Keshik.
  • We are Clan Pendragon Pilots: And as such you will train vigorously to improve your skills, and accept constructive criticism. Become familiar with all aspects of the game, learning as much as you can from fellow members and any other sources you discover.