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Netmech Joystick Problems

I cannot get my Joystick to configure/calibrate. What can I do?

This is a fix for the Sidewinder Joystick, but at the bottom are notes on how to try and get this to work with others as well.

First run NETSETUP.EXE in your NETMECH for DOS Directory. Select Configure input devices Select Keyboard & CH Flightstick.

Then go into GBL or MW2 DOS Version.

Hit Esc and go in to your Cockpit Controls Config your stick using MS Sidewinder (CH Pro Mode). For Flight Stick Pro users: Config it to Flight Stick Pro Make sure you save the config.

You Need to Transfer the following files from MW2 or GBL Main DIRECTORY to NETMECH DOS Main Directory :

  • Input.map
  • Joystick.map
  • Fltstck.map

Then transfer the following files from MW2 or GBL Giddi DIRECTORY to NETMECH DOS Giddi Directory:

  • Fltstck.cpc
  • Fltstck.std
  • Joystck.cpc
  • Joystck.std

Optional file transfer from MW2 or GBL Giddi DIRECTORY to NETMECH DOS Giddi Directory These files are for the save files you create. It is wise to transfer these also:

  • Config00.cpc
  • Config01.cpc
  • Config02.cpc
  • Config03.cpc
  • Config04.cpc
  • Default.cpc

Load up NETMECH for DOS and get into a game. Now if it does not ask for joystick calibration. Hit ESC in the game and do a Joystick Calibration. Now you should have full use of your mech in NETMECH DOS.

If you have a different Joystick please follow the directions above but use your type of map, cpc, std instead of Fltstck.map, Fltstck.std, Fltstck.cpc. i.e. Tmaster.map, Tmaster.std, Tmaster.cpc.

Note: If you need a copy of mw2 or GBL you can get them at these links: