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Clan Pendragon Registration

If your application is accepted a Trial of Position will be scheduled, where you will meet a clan member in combat. How well you fight will determine your rank upon admittance to the clan.

The items below you must agree to before you can be admitted into Pendragon.

  1. Pendragon only accepts/keeps honorable MechWarriors, and feels Honor is above all else. All members must abide by the Pendragon code of conduct.
  2. All members must have a registered version of the game played.
  3. It is against our rules to belong in two units at once. By continuing you are acknowledging this rule.

Yes No The items below will help us judge your starting level in Pendragon if you are admitted.
I have a registered version of MechWarrior 2.
I have Netmech (for DOS - a free DL from Activision). Set up and running on my machine.
I have built BattleMechs for playing Netmech over Kali with success.
I have played NetMech over Kali before and understand the conditions it presents.
Required Fields

Optional Fields

To get your Kali Tracker number do the following.

  1. Start up Kali and connect to a server, a isolated one would be best for this.
  2. Type the following command in...  /games
  3. You should see something similar to the following:
    1 (PEN)Cuzn'_It 064041 2213 Kali95 1 251 0
    The 6 or 7 numbers right after the name are the tracker number.