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Part 3 - The New Beginning

Its been a few years since JimBob and Magnum owned the bar, and things have been pretty quiet.  Most of the damage from the last fiasco have been repaired, although the velvet Elvis painting still shows its signs of wear. (You can only clean so much creamy filling out of the velvet you know)

The new owner T-Rex is working the bar...and mind you he sure does drink up his part of the profits. We join him now as he is talking to a old friend Warman from the Comstar group.....

T-Rex finishes off his 5th beer after opening just an hour before. "Sooo Warmannn ..bbbbuuuurrrrppp.. how goes things with Comstarrr?"

Warman's eye's start to water as the fumes from Rex's mouth works there way to him.

"Well it was not so bad Rex." Wiping the tears from his eyes. We're still are trying to find out what happened to those PEN boys. Last we heard, they were high-tailing it out of the sector.

Rex reaches into the cooler for a new beer and pops the top. Warman still recovering from the last toxic wave moves 2 stools over Rex noticing that War moved farther away, moves in front of his new stool.

"That's not what I heard. I heard that the sector cops were after them for the damage they did to this place the last time they were hear. Poor JimBob and Magnum had to sell the place to me because they didn't have the money to clean the place up. Took me weeks to get that white filling crap out of the Elvis!!" Explained T-Rex.

"Well Rex if that's the case, its good to hear. Those clanners were nothing but trouble in these parts." Said Warman.

Just then a voice is heard from the other end of the bar.

"Well boys I think you both are wrong, the PEN's never left, they have just been busy with that SY scum."

War and Rex look to the end of the bar, and see someone has entered as they were talking. War eyes him out, but doesn't remember his face. Warman asks the strange, "So friend what makes you the expert on those PEN clanners?

The man looks at War.

"Well I just know things, that's all." explains the stranger.

Rex downs his beer.

"And what's your name boy?" War getting that look on his face.

"The names FC, that's short for Firecracker. You know of me?"

War scratches the scar on his head. "That name sound familiar."

FC starts to put that grin on his face he gets before the kill shot.

"That's Khan Firecracker of the PenDragon Clan if you don't remember."

War starts to reach for his S&W mini AC pistol

But FC already has his drawn and pointing at Wars nose

"Would not do that War if you like your nose where it is."

Just then the Bar door slams open, and 2 gray haired men fall into the bar, FC turns to look at the new arrivals, and starts to laugh

"You two been painting the town again I see."

Jackal and DarkWizard look at each other and start to laugh.

"Yeppers FC....DW and I were out looking for some new fuzzy dice for our mechs...and...well... You know there is a bar next to the gift shop here FC? And this dancer had the dice I needed too."

FC shakes his head and wonders how these guys ever lived so long without shooting themselves in the foot.

"OK guys, do you think you can make your way to these stools over here?"

Both men look at each other with a look of bewilderment.

"Hey DW did you remember to grab our crutches from that bar?" asks Jackal.

"Jackal I thought you got them." said DW with that cross eyed look on his face.

Both men start laughing again

"DW no wonder we have been falling all the way here." said Jackal.

"Yea I was wondering about that myself." answered DW.

Both of them make there way to the barstools next to FC.

"Hhheeeyyy...barkeeper...get FC and Jackal one on me."

Rex remembering the stories about PEN's last visit eyes the 3 of them.

As he looks his eyes widen....

"War I think we are in for some trouble guy."

"How so Rex?"

"Look at Jackal."

"Yea....so...what's the problem?"

"He has that dam backpack...remember?"

War looks at Jackal....His eyes widen and mouth drops open

"Nnoo...not that dam thing again!"

Jackal over hearing the two of them at the other end of the bar, just smiles

"Listen boys! If you keep to yourselves you "Might" be safe."

DW starts to laugh, as for FC

Rex noticing them laugh and seeing that all of them have the same backpack!!

"OK guys, lets keep those backpacks closed today, ok?"

FC looks up at Rex, "We will as long as those SY scum don't show there faces!"

Just then the bar door slams open, FC turns to see who it is, and looks in discuss.

"I thought I told you guys to stay out of this bars!" FC shouts to the newcomers

As Stealth, DarkMist, and Cuzn'it walk though the door, Cuz speaks up.

"FC, did you think we would miss all the fun? You know how we like to see a good fight."

"Well just keep it cool and take a seat in the corner there."

"Ok Sir."

The three of them take a seat in the far corner

"Rex, get the three lost soles in the corner a beer on me." says Jackal

Just as the door starts to shut, it slams open again.

"Dam, is this Grand Central Station today or what!" yells T-Rex

Rex eyes the new comers, and decides its time stock the back coolers. But before he leaves he motions to War to join him. War looks at him funny, then notices Rex looking at the new comers. Then decides to join him

The three new comers Slain, Rockman, and Shieldbreaker from the SY walk in and find a seat next to the Elvis painting

Jackal, FC, and DW see the three of them walk in and start to draw straws

Cuz, Stealth and DM head under the table, knowing that the "Cream is doing to fly"

"Dam, I lost again!" DW bellows. "Why do I always get the short straw!" He then takes a big slug from his beer

"Hey guy you lost, so its your turn, we'll watch your back!" Jackal starts laughing

DW finishes the last of his beer in one big slug, and walks over to the SY

"Hey boys, I thought we told you not to show your faces here ever again!

The three eye up DW, and wonder if he has had to many beers or just has a death wish.

"Listen old man, we don't know who you are, and we don't frankly care! So go away!"

DW trying to get his brain to work on 3 cylinders again, speaks up.

"Well I guess you wouldn't remember me, running away from battle like you "All" do!"

"What did you say? Hey old man just find your wheelchair and roll away!" Rockman bellows.

"You heard me you SY scum! At least I know how to fight without using booters!"

DW almost falls over.

At that note all three SY pilots jump up with weapons in hand.

"DW!! Duck!!" DW hits the floor so hard he knocks himself out cold.

At the other end of the bar stands Jackal and FC "Little Debbie launchers in hand" locked and loaded.

"Take this you SY scum!!" yells Jackal.


The first round hits Slain square in the mouth and sends him head first for the Elvis painting, lodging his head dead center of the "Kings" jewels, creamy white filling just oozing from Slains mouth

The second round catches Rockman in the center of his chest, sending him flying through the ladies room door and landing head first in the third stall. His hand slowly falls and hits the handle. FFFLLLUUUSSSHHH... Giving himself a cool refreshing swurly

Serena who just happens to be in the ladies room see's Rockman, and gives him a hand. FFFFFLLLLLLUUUUSSSSHHHH......., and smiles.

The third round hits Shieldbreaker right in the eyes....giving him a new meaning to "Look for the Whites in his eyes"..."Creamy whites that is"

Just as the last round goes off the door of the bar slams open.

Cuz jumps up and yells, Tamer!

The Adventures Continue....the MECH BAR....Part 4