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The Lost Star - Part 1 - The Launch

Written by Dark Wizard

It was a calm day on the planet Athenis, the home of the Pendragon Clan. There was a cool breeze coming from the northwest, and the weather was dry. Khan RedDragon was sitting in his modestly decorated office, looking out the northern facing window. He was watching the sunset, with a dark purple glow to the sky, and the light clouds catching the light of the sun. He loved this time of day, a time to sit and relax after a long day of dealing with all the clan’s problems.

But today was different. He had to make a decision on a major problem facing the clan. In its search to expand the clan’s territory, the clan had run out of habitable planets. Allies of the clan held the only available planets in the sector. He had to decide whether to move into the uncharted area of the Beta sector, or face a population problem. Not knowing what may be in this uncharted region was the first of his worries, the second was who to send. RedDragon knew that whoever he sent would probably never return. But he knew he had to decide. "If only the decision could be easier. But I guess that’s why I took this job, to make the decisions." RedDragon thought to himself. "But to send some of his warriors, some friends, some he had known for years." RedDragon just sat there shaking his head, and thinking.

Morning came again, and with it a new day. The day was clear, and the sounds of the birds could be heard from all parts of the base. Just then the Comm in RedDragon’s office sounded with its standard awful screech. "Khan Sir, saKhan Dark Wizzard is here for his appointment with you." The voice from the Comm bellowed out. "Give me five minutes, then send him in." RedDragon just about falling off his chair as the dumb machine went off. "Yes Sir!" the voice sounded, and closed the line. RedDragon made a quick run to his private bathroom to clean up before his second in command entered the office. "Don’t need DW seeing me looking like this, he always seems to worry about me to much. Maybe I should take that vacation to Altier, and get some RNR. But first things first." RD talking to himself as he splashes the water on his face, and combs his hair.

SaKhan Dark Wizzard enters RD’s office. He was a talk man of medium build, standard size for a warrior. You could see by the look of him, that he had seen his share of fighting. His hair gray on both sides of his head, and the crow’s feet working they’re way from his eyes. Many scares littered his face, but none that could take away from his looks. "Greeting Khan Sir. saKhan Dark Wizzard reporting as ordered." DW voice was harsh, but you could sense the worry in it. "Greetings DW. Take a seat here by my desk" RD just making it into the room before DW entered. "Thank you Sir." DW sat down on the chair RD was pointing at.

"Sir I have readied the four Timberwolfs, four Elementals, and 1 dropship as ordered. Modification have also been made to the dropship for long range transport." DW explains. "Thank you DW." RD still pondering what he must do. "Sir, have you made a decision about the Beta sector?" DW questions. "Yes and no DW. I have decided to move into Beta, but still not sure who should go on this mission." RD explains. "RD, maybe I could help you with that. Why not let the warriors decide? I am sure if you explain what the problem is, and ask for volunteers, you will have your answer." Explains DW. "But DW we would still be sending them to a place where they’re maybe no return. How could I let that happen to them?" RD shows worry in his face. "RD if you don’t send anyone, we will surly run out of food and people will starve." DW jesters to the window, showing RD the over populated cities outside the base. "True DW, but its just hard for me to send someone to their possible death!" RD slams his fist on his desk. "RD, I have something that may help you." DW pulls a set of prints from his front pocket, and opens them on the desk in front of RD. "Their dropship has been equipped with 4 long range probes. These probes are set to head back to Pendragon space, and transmit a signal to the closest habitable planet." DW points out the probes located in the left and right sides of the dropship. "Nice work DW, that does help some, but what if something does go wrong?" RD walks over to the starmap on the far wall of his office. "How will we be able to get there in time, at this distance?" DW looks at the starmap and points to the closest planet to the Beta sector. "RD, I can send a star to the closest planet to Beta. At least it will cut the time some." DW points out Delta Prime to RD. "Ok DW, I guess that’s all we can do at this point. Thanks for trying guy." RD shakes DW’s hand. "No problem Sir." RD walks back to his desk. "DW assemble the warriors, and lets see who is ready for a long trip." RD motions DW to the door. "Yes Sir." DW heads out of the office.

After about an hour the pilots lounge is filled to capacity. "Every warrior is present and accounted for Sir!" Galaxy Commander BlackPhoenix snaps to attention as Dark Wizzard and RedDragon walk into the lounge. "Khan on deck! Attention!" BP shouts out the orders. Every warrior jumps from his or her seat to attention. "At ease warriors" RD shouts. "I have a mission into the Beta sector. I will need four volunteers, and let me say now that this may be a no return mission." RD explains. "We need to map Beta sector for new habitable planets, and report those planets back to the clan. As you report in, we will dispatch a star to that planet." RD explains to the warriors about the long-range probe, and about the star located on the closest planet to Beta sector. He also outlines how important it is that Pendragon find a new planet to inhabit, or Pendragon will die. All the warriors show great interest in the mission, some raise the hands ready to sign, before RD is finished explaining the mission. RedJack interrupts RD from the briefing. "Sir. May I speak freely sir?" RD answers "Sure RJ, you may." RJ stands and speaks. "Sir I think I speak for all of the warriors, if it is in the good of the clan we are in." RD looks over at DW, and scratches his head in wonder. "Well we only need four warriors, please discuss this among yourselves. I will give you 2 days to decide who will go." RJ still standing. "Sir, we will!" RD motions BP to dismiss the men. "Ok everyone, work out who is going and be back here at 1100 hours 2 days from now. Dismissed!" DW and BP look at RD with a smile on their faces. "Gentlemen, You are not going on this mission. I need you here, case closed!" Both men shrug their shoulders and DW speaks up. "No problem Sir, we had to try." RD starts to laugh. "I should have known you would, but I think you both need to give the younger guys some glory. Don’t you think?" BP and DW stand there for a minute, then nod their heads.

The two days pass, and things have been pretty rough. BlackPhoenix had to lockup 3 warriors for fighting, seems they thought they could fight to see who would go from their star. Some of the warriors held war games to decide who was best for the mission. RedDragon just observed the mayhem from his office window. He knew "They" would have to find the best four among them. No sense in getting involved, considering they would possibly never return. It sort of made him proud that they were fighting to be the ones to go. They showed more honor for the clan then he has ever seen in all his years in the clan. He just hoped that the four would return for the honor they would deserve.

RedDragon called the star of volunteers into his office, and explained the details of the mission.

"Gentlemen you have heard the mission briefing, what comments do you have for me?" RD standing in front of the mission viewer. "Sir. Will we be able to communicate with Pen after we leave this sector?" Streaker being the youngest of the four spoke up first. "No. The Beta sector has a class 3 nebula, so communication with us will be impossible." RD points out the nebula and shows the four its size, then pulls up the current information on the nebula. "So I take it we are at our own discretion on encountering new lifeforms?" Streaker still standing from the first question. "Yes. Use your best judgement Star Captain."

"How will we notify you when we have found a suitable planet for Pen?" Blaster the highest ranking officer in the four stands. "The techs have supplied your ship with four long range probes that will head for Pen space, and transmit your location once it reaches us." RD brings up the probe information. "Just remember you only have four probes, so use them at your own discretion." RD explains.

"Aye Sir." Blaster snaps

"Any other questions?" RD looks over the four of them.

"No Sir." Snaps Mechwarrior Winger

"No Sir." Snaps Mechwarrior Dragon

"No more questions Sir." Said Streaker

"That’s all I have Sir." Said Blaster

"Well head out to your barracks, send vidmail to your families, and get some sleep. You will be heading out at 1200 hours. Good luck, and safe return." RedDragon knew they would probably never return, but had to show faith in the star.

The ship was loaded with a year’s supply of food and other necessities. Dark Wizzard personally loaded 4 crates of beer for them for the long trip. All the mechs were locked into place and the spare parts stored into their compartments. Blaster, Winger, Dragon and Streaker stowed their gear in their quarter, and changed into their space suits. The whole command staff came on board to wish the four of them well and a safe journey.

All of Pendragon showed for the launch, and were in their best dress uniforms. RedDragon personally lead the clan in saluting the Star as they left the planet. It was a sight to see, all the mechs cleaned and polished, and all lined up strait as an arrow. Every warrior three paces right and forward of their mech. It would have made the strongest of warrior show a tear as the ship flew out of sight. RedDragon watched the ship as it flew out of sight. And thought to himself. "I hope they make it…I hope they make it."

After 2 weeks in space the dropship finally reached the Beta sector boarder. Blaster set the autopilot on the ship to the nearest G class star system, and instructed the men to get ready for cybersleep. After all the men were in their sleep chambers Blaster enter his and hit the sleep mode button. Blaster thought to himself. "It was going to be a long trip, at least 2 months to the nearest G class system." Then the chamber kicked in.

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