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Mech Battle - The Start

Written by BlackPhoenix

The exact reason for the decades of war and unknown. Forgotten to history. All that is known is that the forces of Comstar are determined to rule the universe. The have respect for no one or nothing. The will be the masters of all or they will be nothing left. In the middle of all this devastation and killing arose one voice calling for peace. Rouge Wolverine the leader of the Clan Pendragon, tried to bring peace to the peoples of all the know worlds. If force must be used it should be a united force for peace. He tried to get the peaceful worlds of the galaxy to become one force for peace. They had to stop their petty bickering and unite against Comstar and it allies. War had lasted to long, and had managed to destroy just about everything and cost millions of innocent lives. It was time to stop before the entire human race was gone forever. This agenda of peace cost Rogue Wolverine his very life. He was assassinated on his way to a peace conference with Comstar, in front of his wife and children along with 4 highly trusted advisors he was gunned down as a warning to all whom stood in the way of Comstar and their self imposed destiny.

Comstar believed that if you remove the head the body would die on the peace movement. THEY WERE WRONG! Over the grave of their fallen leaders, the members of Clan Pendragon swore to remove Comstar and any that stood with them from existence. Comstar mistook the signs of peace for signs of weakness. That was their first major mistake in the plans to conquer everyone and everything. It would not be there last. Every where Comstar went they made new allies for Pendragon. The leaders of peace were now the leaders of revenge. And life would change, or cease. Comstar would not win.