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Mech Battle 15 - Blood Oaths

Written by BlackPhoenix

His name was Reddragon and he was the Khan. The Khan of the Clan PENDRAGON. The most honorable clan in the universe, they held honor and honorable behavior as the most important quality a man, (or woman), could offer. With out honor, life was meaningless. This code of conduct was brought about by years of tempering in the cruel crucible called life. It started with Rouge Wolverine a man of his word. If your word was given it must at all costs be kept. This honor cost Wolverine his life. Reddragon was a young Star Captain with a hot stick and smoking AC’s when he saw his leader fall before his eyes. He was the first into the ambush and took no prisoners. The entire Comstar delegation paid with their lives for their treachery. This was the start for the deep-seated feeling of honor above all.

As a Nova colonel Reddragon led successful attacks on Comstar forces. The sense of dishonor placed on Clan Pendragon by the cowardly attack would not be erased until total victory. The regard for honor held by Reddragon found its way into his men. On a mission where Reddragon was in command, everyone came home, injured or dead, no one was left behind. To leave a comrade to the enemy was the highest form of disgrace that could befall a clansman. Reddragon’s great loyalty to his men causes them to give their unrestricted loyalty to Reddragon as a leader. His word became law backed up by the most dedicated soldiers to ever pilot a mech.

As SaKhan of the great Clan Reddragon once again was confronted with the specter of dishonor. The poisoning of the Khan Darkmist, the assassin failed to kill the young leader, but the illness caused by the attempt forced him to withdraw as leader to attend to his health. A health that was left decimated by the molecular poison introduced into his system in an attempt to disrupt the leadership of the Clan.

The response to this act of dishonor was swift and unfeeling retribution. The Pendragon forces launched an all out attack on every Comstar base or outpost. Reddragon himself led a crack attack unit of hand picked warriors against the homeworld of Comstar.

There were no warnings, the first signs of the attack were during the festivities of the Comstar leaders birthday. They were quickly overshadowed by the news of the multi-pronged attack on their forces. Standing on the balcony of his palace the Leader of Comstar watched as the first of 20 atomic explosions rocked his home planet. Barracks, power stations, and mech facilities were vaporized. Even the sacred hall was hit by a direct hit even though it was of no military significance. This was to show the contempt for the Comstar forces that the Clan Pendragon now held.. With very little left to defend themselves the enemy leader watched as the Pendragon dropships filled the morning sky. The large Warhammers hit dirt firing. Nothing was safe. Every building was destroyed. Every trace of Comstar was being erased. Sitting at his large ornamental desk where he had made the discussions that had led to this moment, the Comstar leader sat and awaited for the inevitable. The ground rumbled as multiple Warhammers landed just outside. The roof came away as a large command Direwolf ripped it from the rest of the building. Covering his head to protect it from falling debris he never saw the small Elemental land in front of him. As he looked up, it was just there, as if by magic. As he watched in shock and horror the armor opened in the front and a man stepped out. It was Reddragon, the two opponents locked eyes for what seemed an eternity. Slowly Reddragon pulled an old well-worn pistol from his tunic and spoke.

"This was the sidearm of Rouge Wolverine it was never used in anger, and is not used in anger now. You and your house have NO honor and will not be allowed to infect the noble houses with you treachery. I Reddragon of Clan Pendragon sentence you to death for your crimes against humanity, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Without another word and with eyes of darkest obsidian the small pistol barked and the Comstar leader fell dead with a bullet in the head.

Reddragon re-entered the light armor of the Elemental and sealed himself in. He turned and looked up at the three large Warhammers standing behind him and in a voice as cold as death its self said only 3 words.

"Burn it all."

Without looking back he hit the jet controls and left the area. The three Warhammers left to join their units and the fires were started. Nothing was left of the Comstar home world. The burned out planet was given to one of their planet-less victims, in replacement for the one taken by Comstar. The new inhabitants want to erect a monument to the victory, Reddragon refused the request stating,

"…This is not something to be remembered, but it is to be forgotten…."

As Darkmist stepped down Reddragon was propelled into the leadership of the Clan. Wanted or not the men under his command would stand for nothing less. He was the KHAN!