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Mech Battle 10 - And the Quest for Justice Continues

Written by BlackPhoenix

With the death of their Leader, Comstar forces fragmented. The internal structure of force and intimidation that held them together through fear crumbled and they became small groups of terrorists trying to gain power within their own ranks. Every officer that had supported the leadership of Comstar now strives more for personal gain than unity. They became bandit warlords controlling small sections of the once great empire. With their supply base crushed and supplies dwindling, Comstar was reduced to scouring planets of previous battles for junk parts to keep their mechs and other mechanical equipment working. From Owners of the world to junk men in a matter of days. How far the mighty had fallen.

It appeared that the war was almost over, Comstar forces were scattering. They were still a threat but as every minute passed so did the strength of that threat. Pendragon ever vigilant could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

From the outer rim they came, a new enemy of peace. Taking the name of an ancient clan of noble peacemakers they called themselves the "TEMPLARS". But a noble name can not make a noble house. They had watched the war with great interest. The two sides pitting machine against machine, man against man in battles of mass destruction. Dreams of the rich inner planets swirled in the heads. They saw what must be done as Comstar collapsed. The Templars were a loose knit group of killers, thieves, and reprobates. They were the bottom of the galactic barrel, they had came from every place of dishonesty and corruption that could be found. Deserters, traitor’s and criminals on the run from the law made up their ranks. The fast buck was all that mattered, one for money, and money for them. It can not be said that they lacked honor, for honor was something they never had.

They had been held in check by fear of Comstar, that fear was gone. Greed was now their guide. They made their first entrance into the quadrant behind a massive solar flare. The first contact was a complete surprise. Many planets never knew they existed until the attack. It was as brutal as they were greedy.

The Planet Ganma Crucis was the outer most of the area called the inner planets. An industrial planet was life revolved around exporting manufactured goods to the Clans of the inner circle. They held no allegiance, but were businessmen of the universe. They sold to all clans with equal enthusiasm. For hard currency anyone could purchase from them and they kept their planet neutral in all struggles. (War was good for business.) The standard of living was higher on Ganma Crucis than the home worlds of the major clan’s. The 300 years of war had brought prosperity to Ganma Crucis, and it had made life on this planet of factories the dream of many smaller planets. They had no planetary defenses and no garrison was stationed there by government decree. Life was peaceful and profitable there.

All the electronic equipment had been shut down to protect it from the electromagnetic waves of the flare that travel the depths of space. As the remnants of the flare departed the surveillance satellites were re-activated. The alarms started to blare. Massed formations of unknown ships were already in orbit. The proximity radar showed drop ships entering the atmosphere. There was no time to activate defense systems even if there had been any to activate. The 80-ton killing machines known as Warhammers unloaded in the main square of the planetary government and destroyed a large number of small inconsequential buildings even thought the populace offered them no resistance. The citizens scrambled about in terror. 300 years of profitability had just came to an end. After 3 hours of panic in the streets and destruction of the non-manufacturing areas of their city the slaughter stopped and the war machines gathered in the main square surrounding the seat of government facing the terrified people.

A large Ship dropped slowly into the square it circled slowly allowing the people to see the emblem on the side. Templars were unknown until now. The ship settled in a thick cloud of dust and flying debris. The ramp deployed slowly as if to draw out the anticipation of what could be inside. The Ramp touched the ground with a loud thud. The whine of motors could be heard and the heavy foot falls of a big mech. A highly polished Direwolf exited the ramp at ΒΌ speed. Showing the mass of destructive power to the gathered crowd. The mummers were deafening. This was the biggest machine many here had ever seen. 100 tons standing tall as many buildings. The missile covers opened displaying their deadly projectiles. The Monstrous killer paced the crowd twice then raised its massive arms above its head and fired the Automatic cannons, (AC’s), into the air. The crowd dropped to the ground amidst screams of panic. As the sound died to a rumble, a large PA speaker on the monsters head spoke loud enough to hurt the ears of any one with in 30 feet.


At that the large AC’s opened fire on the crowd. More than fifty people hit the ground dead or dying. The screams of the victims drowned out the whine of the gears as the machine moved to take position on the long steps that lead to the president’s office. From with in the ship 30 Elementals ran toward the offices, the door to the building never slowed them they continued like it was not even there. A rain of glass fragments and metal splinters fell to the ground. Life had changed on Ganma Crucis and not for the better. All public officials were summarily executed as a show of determination. All public buildings were under military command as were the factories. All large buildings were barracks or housing for military officers. Protest brought execution. A rationing system was installed for the general public. The ships that had brought the enemy troops were loaded with supplies and foodstuffs, then left. More troops arrived, the entire planet was garrisoned and was now a member of the newly formed Templars empire. The entire campaign of conquering a planet had taken less than four hours, and this was just the first day. The Templars had a power base inside the system and a money base along with facilities the manufacture the goods needed for a prolonged war of attrition. They would bleed their enemies dry of funds then kill them.

At least that was the plan.