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Legends and Lore

Stories of role-play and humor collected over time.

The History of Pendragon Clan

Written by the founding father of Pendragon Clan

Mech Bar Story

The MECH BAR was written by the founding father of Pendragon Clan. These stories give light on some of the role-play seen in the PEN Bar, If you do not understand some of the inside jokes, you need to read these. Dark Wizzard has been keeping the story going, he will try his best to include all of the Pendragon members in the story in future chapters.

  • Mech Bar 1 - The Start of it all - Written by Rogue Wolverine
  • Mech Bar 2 - The Story Continues - Written by Rogue Wolverine
  • Mech Bar 3 - The New Beginning - Written by Dark Wizard
  • Mech Bar 4 - Now We're in Trouble - Written by Dark Wizard
  • Mech Bar 5 - The Big One - Written by Dark Wizard
  • Mech Bar 6 - The Final Conflict - Written by Dark Wizard

Misc Stories from the clan

  • THE END - Written by FoxTrot of Clan Steel Burrock
    After he threatened to give his planets to a Inner Sphere group to our north, we launched attacks on his clan with the full attend of annihilation.  Here you will see what his view of the situation was, although its twisted and deceiving..it is a excellent work of literature.
  • AWAKE THE DRAGON! - Written by Raptor of Pendragon Clan
    This was the response to THE END written by Foxtrot.
  • Madness... - Written by Khan Jackal of Clan Black Jackals
    In response to Raptors reply to THE END.
  • Rue Morgue's story - Written by Batu (Must reading)
  • Phyrric Victory - Written by Hacksaw
    Influenced from a true war, the results were in sync also.

Mech Battle Series

Mech Battle Series Started by BlackPhoenix. This section is open to anyone who wishes to add to the story.  If you have a story to add to this series email them to Dark Wizard, and they will be posted.

The Lost Star