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The History of the Pendragon Clan

Chapter 1

In a dimly lit room they gather. Shadows flicker against faces hardened by relentless warfare, and color the walls and ceiling beams with shapes conjured from a nightmare. They gather to decide the fate of a society that does not know they exist. If their clansmen knew of this meeting, they would take steps to insure that it ended here.

Silence reigns over muted whispers until one of the many women in the room stands, and faces the assembly. "We have gathered because we have no choice. They are preparing for their final drive. We must stop them!" A man with a partially shaven skull, nods, but says nothing. A strikingly beautiful young woman, her hair braided to her waist, stands.

Rebecca de Bruis of the outlawed Clan Wolverine looks around the room, nodding to all those she knows. "We have made plans for this eventuality. They are Crusaders, and they have lied to us all. They have no intention of restoring the Star League. They only dream of conquest. They have perverted the dream of the Kerenskys. Now, we must do what is necessary..... for Kerensky's dream,..... for our dream,..... to survive." She looks across the assembled faces of the clansmen and women gathered here. "We must leave our clans, and form a new clan!"

Silence reigned for a long moment. The voice of Radda Samaratini of Clan Hell's Horses, carried throughout the room, ending the silence, "Easy for you, Wolverine. You are outlawed. All here know that all the Wolverines alive today are freebirths. Only you are forever tainted. What of those of us who are not tainted or outlawed? For us, this would end in dishonor!"

Spike Schoenmann of Clan Ice Hellion stood and faced Radda. "Dishonor? Would you leave Terra to defend herself from the Crusaders? Would that not be dishonorable, quiaff? Do Wardens forsake their duty to allow Crusaders to destroy all before them?" Spike sought an answer in their eyes, and asked the assembly, "To forsake our duty is not dishonorable?" Radda dropped his eyes to the floor and took his seat.

At this, many knowing looks were exchanged. Radda had spoken for many. But no one lifted a voice to disagree. If the Wardens were to defend the home of all mankind, this step would be the first of many, each more dangerous than the last. Danger was not a factor to these people. They were all of the Clans. But to form a new clan, and to fight against all of the other clans........... this gave them pause.

Leaving to form a new clan would make each of them dezgra in the eyes of all the clans. To oppose the Crusaders was honorable. But to be considered dezgra by anyone was almost more than they could bear.

Spike Schoenmann again faced the assembly. "To this end we must steel ourselves. We are Wardens. Terra must be protected. To this we will dedicate our lives." Spike looked to the man with the partially shaven skull. "Rogue, long is the time you have seen their plan. You have seen what must be done, and planned for this day. Tell us what we need to do."

Rogue de Bruis of the outlawed Clan Wolverine stood slowly. He looked over the assembled mechwarriors gathered around the room and spoke, "Aff. I have given great thought to this. The Way of the Warden is honorable, but painful and difficult. Many hard decisions must be made. We cannot stay here, as the Crusaders would band together and destroy us, as they did to our clan 240 years ago. We must decide where we will go. We are limited in this. We could use a Periphery world, but we must have production facilities in place. We do not have the time required to build our own. This will force us to settle on an Inner Sphere world. Before this is possible, we must contact those in the Inner Sphere, and establish an alliance with one of the Houses. After an alliance is concluded, we will load our mechs and armorments, and move to our new home. But.....before any of this is done, we must decide what clan we will be."

Katherine Cromwell of Clan Ice Hellion asked from her seat "Is this not what we have waited for these many years? Do we not know who we are? How many years has it been since the banner of the Warden has been raised against a enemy so great? I can and will answer that myself. It has been 2600 years. It was raised by Arthur of England on Terra. Arthur was the son of Uther Pendragon, and the greatest king ever born, in and of the country called England. His name is revered today, and most of you have heard of his exploits. He united a country ripped apart by civil war, and brought peace to his land. As he did, we shall do. To his honor, and to ours, should we not adopt the name of Pendragon for this clan? Do you not agree, quiaff?"

With this, the clansmen and women in the room stood and gave their approval, "Seyla!".

A half smile upon his lips, the Rogue of the outlawed Clan Wolverine nodded. This would be the way of the clan. Clan Pendragon had been born. Now, the newborn would begin to sharpen her fangs and claws.

Chapter 2