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Mech Battle 1 - Yamarovka

Written by BlackPhoenix

The rusty sun slowly rose in the western sky. The lone stormcrow plodded along with the new day at its back. This had once been almost a garden planet, with its low rolling hills and the extensive plains. But the was before Comstar! Now the vegetation was dead, many of the hills were flat and the lush plains were pock marked with craters. The little mech had easy going in the low gravity, and it was making good speed as it crossed from the hills to the plains. Of course it was impossible to tell the difference by looking at the radar survey maps. Piles of burned and broken mechs littered the ground every where, at times pushed into piles higher then the surrounding hills had ever been. Picking a clear path was at time difficult but in the low gravity a quick burst from the jump jets and you were over it with little or no problem. To the trained observer it would seem strange that the Stormcrow was holding to a straight course in hostile territory.

Entering a large area of open ground the crow rounded a pile of wreckage and headed down an open corridor of dead mechs. From what seemed like no where 4 enemy Stormcrows dropped from the sky to surround the lone victim. The pilot used his jets to come to a quick stop and not run into the one who landed in front of him.

"Well, well, been wondering where you guys were? Said the lone pilot in a sarcastic tone of voice.

"Like you were looking for us with your radar off." Came a curt reply.

"Coyote, what are you doing here? With only four to one odds I would have thought that you would be running to the far side of the planet by now."

"Bold talk for a prisoner" Coyote replied, "Gentlemen we have gotten the prisoner the command staff wanted and its Dark Wizzard a bonus for us and a big feat for Comstar. O’ great warrior, how is it our little trap caught such a big prize?"

"Oh this is YOUR trap. Hummmm, oh well who you got with you?" asked DW as he torso twisted to get a look. "Rookies, the only followers Coyote could get, but what was this?" The breast name tag said Lackland.

"Lackland, what are you doing running with this coward?" DW asked.

Lackland’s crow moved slowly forward to allow the pilots to look at each other through the clear endo-armor of the cockpit.

"Orders, I don’t have to like them I just follow them." Was the reply filled with disgust was the tone of voice.

"Lackland, I have known you as a honorable, and valiant warrior. If you power down at once you will not be harmed."

Laughter from the other 3 mechs filled the speakers. Lackland leaned as far forward as the mech allowed getting a good look in Dark Wizzards cockpit. DW raised his beer can in salute as he sat there with his feet on the console and helmet pushed back on his head in complete ease. Lackland knew something was wrong, this was not the demeanor of a conquered enemy. He torso twisted quickly to see if they were alone and looked in the cockpit again. Dark Wizzard was having a good laugh at this moment of almost panic. After what seemed like hours to him, Lackland hit the switch to power down.

At once the radar of Coyote’s mech detected this. A small green flare was launched from the top of DW’s stormcrow and climbed quickly into the rust colored sky.

Coyote was screaming into the mike, "WHY DID YOU…." Was all he managed to say before the speakers inside his helmet caught him by surprise and shocked him into silence. "ENEMY POWERUP DETECTED, ENEMY POWER DETECTED, ENEMY POWERUP DECTED, ENEMY POWERUP DETECTED."

Coyote and the rookies twisted franticly to try and find the targets. Coyote managed to turn in the right direction but too late. 12 full racks of LRM’s slammed in to the little stormcrow from every angle. A leg and both arms were lost immediately. From where he was sitting DW could see Coyote moving about in a desperate attempt to, put out the fires, reroute emergency power and try to get his jets to get him out of the killing zone. DW saw him look up and scream in horror, then DW saw why. A large pair of bright yellow legs slammed into what was left of Coyote and flattened him into a package that could be sent home in an envelope. Never missing the unmistakable Yellow mech of BlkPhoenix hit the ground at top speed ac’s blazing into the remaining mech and he was off the ground again. He hit the ground so close to DW that he almost caused DW to commit a mortal sin "spill his beer". His AC’s glowing dull red from the constant fire in combat, and BP was closing ground quickly on the powered down Lackland.


The big yellow mech came to a stop, inches from Lackland’s much smaller crow, the Pendragon Warhammers had made short work of the Comstar crows.

"He powered down, don’t fire." DW informed.

The twin smoking AC20"s still held a bead on the cockpit of the little crow.

"NOVA CAPTAIN BLACKPHOENIX REPORT!!!!!" DW yelled into the com-system.

The mech relaxed and stood up. "Reporting SIR! Dragon lost an arm, and PeaNutt hit hard and damaged a leg actuator, but it won’t slow him down. PP and I have no damage, SIR. If I may ask sir? Where the hell is Coyote?"

"That pile of trash behind you bud, it was Coyote you DFA’d." The big yellow warhammer moved away towards his men.

DW powered up his mech and moved close to Lackland. Giving the thumbs up to the enemy pilot. Lackland powered up, being ever so careful to keep his weapons pointed at the ground.

Lackland, you can go back to your commanders and tell them what you saw today. And inform them that cowardice and dishonor will not be accepted in the quadrant ANY more. You are a noble warrior you may leave with out being harmed. " Lackland saluted Dark Wizzard in the best fashion allowed while in a mech and started to turn. He stopped and glanced back.

"You know for a second there, I thought BlackPhoenix would kill me while I was powered down, and that you would let him."

"Oh there was no doubt you were dead, I am just glad he listened…for a change" was the reply

"Is he nuts?" Lackland asked.

"Yea….But it’s a good kinda nuts, if you understand what I mean"

Lackland just nodded and moved away at half speed heading for the dropship.

"BlackPhoenix herd em up and head for the base."

The small crow in the lead at reduced speed so as not to outrun the larger, heavier armor warhammers lead the column of warriors back to the relative safety of the clan base. Using his external camera to keep track of them, DW did notice how the Pendragon emblem on their chests sparkled in the morning sun and maybe there was hope for this clan yet. And he must remember to talk to BlackPhoenix about that damn paint job, ………bright yellow…geez.