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Written by Khan Jackal of Clan Black Jackals

In the Great Hall of Donmorrow Castle, Khan Jackal *Kerensky* paces back and forth relentlessly as he listens to the reports flowing in from Delta Quadrant about the Massacres inflicted upon the helpless citizenry of the CSB homeworlds...the sound of his Professor Martin combat boots clicking loudly upon the polished marble flooring. He stops as his Clansmen, and freind, CuzinIt of the PENDRAGONS, reports having come upon a village decimated by the savashri warriors of the Burrocks, and then lets out a bloodcurdling 'HOOOOWWWWWLLLLLL' that threatens to shake the very foundation of the 150 year old Castle he calls home, and sends his Top Aides and Commanders scattering as he approaches his HPG Comlink. With the methodical grace of performing a task which has been done a thousand times before, he loads the modulator and hits 'engage'.

...Opening all Hailing Frequencies to the Alliance....

TRANSMISSION CODED 9/05/3069 - Scrambler Enabled

He lets out a long sigh before beginning..."Honorable brethren of the PENDRAGONS, know now that whatever assistance you may require from the Jackals, or from the rest of the NWA, you have only to ask for. I want the heads of the Dezgra CSB pilots that have committed these atrocities removed from their bodies and sent to the leaders of CSB as a warning to them that we will NOT tolerate this insanity one moment longer. The NWA does not stand for this kind of outright mutilation...

I am hereby offering a case of my personal stash of Vintage ABSOLUT to the pilot who brings the CSB Khan Foxtrot before me in the Collar of a Bondsmen. Do not kill him should U come across his path my brethren, oh no. I have a fate far worse than death in mind for that little man who ordered these horrid attacks against the civilian populace...

Keep me posted as to the developments, as I have 130,000 troops standing by in Dropships on PH Till that can be sent in as reinforcements should you require our assistance. HONOR TO THE NWA!!!!"

...Frequency closed, COMLINK broken....

With this, the NWA Leader turns towards the CBJ Command staff assembled behind him, and again howls out in anger. "Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh". His 2nd Khan, Terrorizer, puts a calming hand on his freinds left shoulder, but Khan Jackal only shrugs it away.

"No my friend...I will not be calm. It is bad enough that the combined forces of House Stahl-Ysta and the Free Worlds League have attacked us in the Alpha quadrant. It is bad enough that we are dealing with the treachery of those upstart Mercenaries who call themselves 'DRR'. It is worse still that we are on the brink of war with our onetime freinds and allies House Steiner for their unwaranted attacks against Terra itself.  But to have Genocide on THIS scale occurring, ESPECIALLY at the hands of a CLAN....<he spits on the floor>....makes my blood boil beyond belief."

The CBJ OvKhan, Thrikill, speaks up at this. "Shall I prepare your command Dropship, My Khan?"

"Not just yet Thrikill...the PENS are some of the fiercest warriors in ALL of the Clans. Should the OTHER KJ require our assistance, he knows he has but to ask." The Khan replies.

The Jackals' Galaxy Captain, Fate, speaks out at the Khans remarks. "My Khan, I have prepared three Cadres of the Jackals' Elite Corp should you require them."

"Excellent, Fate. Keep them on standby and in ready alert. If it is death the Burrocks wish to see, then let it be their own!" With this, the Khan turns and walks out the command chamber doors onto the eastern balcony of Donmorrow, the great doors sliding silently shut behind him, leaving him alone to contemplate the fact that he may have to order Clansmen to kill Clansmen yet again. He leans forward, placing his elbows on the edge of the Terrace railing, and buries his face in his hands before letting out a long sigh while shaking his head and simply muttering a single phrase..."Kerensky! Will this madness never end?"