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Macao: Conditions Carse 1

Written by Batu

Macao: Conditions Carse 1.75G Invasion by DCM

He sits in the cockpit of his hammer over looking the forward outpost of the city of Traith. The Sun is high and burns hot, green clouds float in lazy patterns across the violet sky of Macao. How many hours have we sat like this old friend? How many hours of watch...I yearn for action. Laughing to himself Rue Morgue looks around wondering what the others would think if they heard him taking to his Hammer like it was alive. Hell, they would probably all do it, after as many campaigns together as we have had together, he says still talking to the mech. His warrior heart feels at peace here. Almost feeling a part of the lazy calm of the clouds. His warrior instinct is slowly becoming restless, but he has been on so many outpost watches his training overrides his desire for action. Again he relaxes scanning the horizon. His eyes flicker over the HUD almost willing there to be a contact. But all is still.

*Crackle* Dragon 5, this is Dragon 1 Over.

The sound of the Commo startles Rue from his relaxed state...his heart speeds as the familiar rush flows through his veins.

Dragon 1 this is Dragon 5 Over.

Even without the call sign he immediately recognizes Star Captain Hacksaws voice...and the underlying excitement...Action Rue thinks, finally the freebirth scum are testing the resolve of the Dragon.

Rue...I want you to follow the NAV coordinates I'm downloading to you. We believe DCM pilots are initiating their invasion. The scout wave should be there. Your on your own. We believe there will be about 10 mechs in the drop.

Sir, how long until reinforcements arrive at Traith?

The silence that follows is deafening.

Understood Sir. Dragon 5 Out.

Star Captain Hacksaw leans back slamming his fist down on the disconnect button, angry with himself and hating the feeling of helplessness. Damn! Good luck my friend. Hack realizes, with 10 to 1 odds he will probably never see his friend again.

Send them to Hell friend... send them to Hell. If you do survive...hehe, they will promote you for sure. Pushing Rues situation into the back of his mind, turns to his own mission and his Hammer jumps forward. Forgotten, the clouds drift by unaware of war and uncaring of the odds facing Rue. Quickly he brings up the NAV points and he slams the accelerator forward. In seconds his mech is at 63kph. His nerves calm, he glances at the HUD...all clear. 3.56k to the first NAV point. With a flip of switch he brings up the Satellite overlay. The first NAV pt is a mountain to the east of Traith. The 2 another 14k northwest of NAV Alpha near the Stanford Forest. The final NAV point was almost due west 14k from his current position. The NAV points he noticed make a triangle around Traith. A large area for one mech to patrol, and a lot of places to meet the enemy he comments to the mech, half expecting a reply.

So old friend we enter the game yet again...looks like they are stacking the odd against us this time. Ah, well, the more the better. His right hand unconsciously starts pushing buttons, bringing up his weapons. The readout data lights up the HUD. 2 racks of LRMS 360 missiles each. 1 SSRM6 with 90 missiles. AC10 fully loaded 100 ten round busts. Med laser charged and ready. The systems check shows all green. Radar tracking show green. Well at least the mech is ready.

Rounding a small hill he comes upon Nav Alpha. Well here we go, he says to himself as his Hammer jets over a small cliff. Cycling his weapons to LRMS he extends his radar to 2.0k in hopes of catching the enemy at a distance. Sure enough. *Warning Fast movers bearing 33.5 1.2k* The computer warning shows 2 dropships. Almost with out realizing, his Hammer is turning to the acquired targets. With a roar his Hammer is air borne, range 957m, the comforting beep of missiles locking on target. A brilliant flash and the LRMS are away. Soft landing his Hammer he watches the LRMS race toward the Jenner Class Scout Mech. Air born again he brings his Hammer closer, the Jenners begin moving splitting trying to get him between them. A smaller flash and resounding Whahoom of the LRMS impacting on the back of the first Jenner and the Missile pods explode. Then his SSRMs race toward the same target. The Jenner disappears in a flash of ammo explosions. With a smile he turns to the second Jenner.

*Beep Warning incoming missiles* Rue slams forward the Jump Jet throttle. His Hammer races skyward, now forward, up again. He feels the vibration as a few of the missiles impact on the alloy armor. His own missiles race downward the vapor trails a trail of death for such a small mech. Whawhoom! The second Jenner lies burning slowly rolling down a hill to the bottom of a gully. Thick billowing clouds a acrid smoke scar the violet Macao sky. With a grin Rue resumes coarse for NAV Beta.

Just over the ridge down in a deep valley below normal radar level two DCM Timber Wolves sat listening to the short and decisive battle. Sgt. Dezabew, though new to his rank and thus the larger Timber Wolf knows the two Jenners were no match for the Hammer. Well my friend, you are not facing Jenners now are you. Dezabew hears the Crackle of his head set. We will wait for him to pass then take the free birth from the rear. Go on my command. Roger that Dezabew replies to his lead wing known as The Fox. With pleasure. Well my friend looks like the game is on. Two DCM free birth scum have learned the lesson not to awaken the Dragon. Suddenly, Rue feels the ever familiar touch down the back of his spine. The cold touch of death. Knowing what that feeling usually means he frantically spins the torso of his Hammer back and forth. Damn„it! Where the hell are they? He as learned to trust his sixth sense. An ability taught by the Grand Dragon himself FireCracker. The ability to use more then technology to find the enemy. He adjusts his radar from 2.0k down to 1.0k. Although shorter in range, it detects hidden enemies better. He switches it again down to ¢500m£ still the HUD is clear. I know your out there. I smell your fear. With a slight movement of his hand his Hammer is air born. Rocketing above the trees, sometimes old friend he says to his mech, it is better to just rely on your eyes then that damn radar. Nursing the jump jets his Hammer continues to climb. Frantically Rue searches for the enemy...nothing...could he be wrong? *Crackle* Sgt. I believe he is almost in position. 40 seconds we go. Dezabews heart starts pounding. The bastard doesn’t even know were here. It’s going to be a slaughter he laughs. He starts the timer. 39,38,37. His hand twitches, his finger caresses the trigger that will send forth lead death. 150m£¢„180m£¢„200m, Rues Hammer rockets upward. The cold feeling down his spine begins to throb, gripping his soul. He knows he is in trouble...but from where. Then a flash. Like the glint of light from a mirror. To his left down in a valley. Altitude 250m, 300m, his Hammer begins arching toward the glint. Could it be a reflection? Damn radar still won’t pick them up. He magnifies the view. 10x, 100x, 500x. With a chuckle the two Timber Wolves come into view. No wonder I could not lock them...down in that hole. But what blocks my radar, blocks yours too! They don’t even know I’m coming he whispers to his Hammer. As if in response he feels the mech vibrate as his jets fire. Flipping the radar to manual lock he locks Sgt. Dezabews mech. With a chuckle he begins talking to his mech. Old friend...lets drop in on them. From 350m his Hammer begins to fall. Slight adjustments on the JJ controls keep his mech plummeting toward the first TWolf. At 290kph his Hammer descends. His missiles scream toward the unsuspecting mech. Firing one rack at a time to maximize damage. 19, 18, 17 Dezabew sits watching the timer tick. I can almost taste your blood Dragon. Soon you shall be dead. Whawhoom! His mech vibrates with the first impact of the missiles. Then the rain of death begins to free fall around him. Instantly Sgt. Dezabew knows what is happening. His mech rockets skyward...too slow. His cockpit is filling with smoke. He sees the arms of his mech fly off and the cockpit begin to come apart under the barrage. He knows instantly he is dead. I salute you Dragon...I will see you in Hell! He feels the impact of the last missiles and then slips into darkness.

The Fox sits eagerly fingering the jump jet controls that will rocket him into action against the unsuspecting Hammer. WhaHoom. A brilliant flash to his right. He sees his wing enveloped in missiles fire. Try to leave the ground and explode. THUWHUMP! The Cockpit of his Wolf collapses a few inches. He sees from the windows pieces of armor flying off his mech. What! Where! His mech jumps forward just as Rues Hammer descends again. Aiming for the cockpit his Hammer accelerates. Clearing the edge of the Valley, The Fox’s radar locks on Rues hammer. 100m right above him in free fall. Arrrrrggggg! The Fox yells as he feels the ThuWhump of 80 Tons of mech crushing down on his mech. The armor of his Wolf stretches and buckles. Collapsing in around him. *Crackle* DCM I salute you. Your trap was indeed excellent, are the last words The Fox hears as he is enveloped in fire as the cockpit explodes and his mech breaks apart under the impact. With a laugh Rue is air born, clearing the explosion of the crushed mech and heading to NAV Beta. Ahead he sees the Stanford forest and the second Nav point in a clearing in the center. Having soft landed his mech in the clearing Rue brings up his weapons read out. 300 LRM’s in both racks and 78 SSRM’s. AC10 full. Med laser, charged. 4 dead mechs for the cost of a few missiles and light damage to the armor. Not bad old friend, not bad. Shall we? His Hammer jumps clear of the trees and heads toward Nav Gamma.

*Beep Warning Enemy Mechs Bearing 135 Range 1.90k and closing. The HUD displays the enemy formation. A Hammer in the lead flanked by two Jenners, one to each side. Well now here is a test, 3 to 1 in the open. Rue muses: From the formation I bet that Hammer is a short range killer, relying on the LRMs of the Jenners for protection while it tries to close, and a long range missile sponge. Lets see if these IS dogs have ever learned to play the long range game.

*Crackle* Falcon 2 and 3 this is Falcon 1. I have a single enemy Hammer bearing 315 range 1.90k and closing. Battle Plan Omega 1. You treat him to the LRMs while I close and take him out. Copy.

Falcon 1 this is Falcon 2, Roger engaging at maximum range.

Falcon 1 this is Falcon 3, Roger engaging 990m.

Ok here we go, range 990m, now to keep the distance. The JJ on Rues Hammer fire as he executes a 90deg left turn now running perpendicular to the enemy formation. His fingers slip across the controls switching to Combat range on the radar 1.0k locking on the leading mech the Hammer. Switch to LRMs. Aim so they just miss the ground and to the right of the Hammer. Lets knock off your leg. With a flash the first rack of LRMs is away arcing downward and to the left. *Beep Warning incoming Missiles* Rue sees the vapor trails from the two Jenners but none from the enemy Hammer. Four racks of LRMs race toward Rue. As I thought a Close range mech Rue mumbles to him self. When his first rack is half way he fires the second rack fires following the path of the first. Now turn JJ forward and back. Gotta keep the range over 900m. One more hop...Whoosh. The enemy missiles miss and fly by running out of fuel. The fools...group firing LRMs at this range. Must be rookies. Unconsciously he fires another rack of LRMS arcing downward and to the right side of the enemy Hammer. Again as the first rack reaches the half way point his second rack fires. Glancing at the HUD he sees the damage of the first two racks on the right leg of the enemy Hammer. Well you should be slowing down a little soon. As he taps the JJ to keep the range at over 900m. Falcon 2 and 3, this is Falcon 1, closing on the enemy now. Lieutenant Westland launches his mech into the air attempting to close with the Pendragon Hammer. *Beep Enemy Missile launch. Why he is shooting his missiles at the ground, this Pendragon must be a newbie...so much the better. Westland soft lands his Hammer and proceeds to hop his mech to keep the speed high. Whaam! He sees a bright flash and feels the vibration as the missiles impact on the right leg of his Hammer. Lt. Weslands frustration increases has he fails to close on the enemy Hammer and the continuous stream of missiles slams into the right leg of his mech. Falcon 2 and 3 this is Falcon 1 Damn, it you two your not hitting him! Your letting him chew me up! The coward is RANGING me! Falcon 1 this is Falcon 2 permission to break formation to close with the Hammer. Falcon 2 this is Falcon 1 stay in formation just with your missiles! Lt. Westlands Hammer lurches and the computerized alarm rings meaning heavy damage to his mech. Beep Critical hit Jump Jet exhaust port. Beep Critical hit Jump Jet exhaust port. Changing the HUD he sees the damage to his right leg is sever and his speed is down to 30kph. That son of a free birth...he is legging me! With LRMs how is he doing that! Still the LRMs smash into the leg of his Hammer. Two more racks and he’ll be hopping mad old friend.

With a chuckle Rue launches his 6th rack at the hammer. Again he taps the JJ forward to avoid the enemy missiles. Then jumps away to keep the range. Falcon 2 and 3 this is falcon 1, break formation and close and kill enemy mech! Roger Falcon 1" is the only reply as Lt. Westland sees the Jenners leap forward. Wham! *Beep* as the alarm sounds and his Hammer lurches as the emergency overrides take over to keep his mech upright. Falcon 2 and 3 this is Falcon 1. The free Birth legged me. Damn!

Lt. Westland thinks to himself, how the hell did he do that with so few missiles and only damage the one leg? HOW?

So here they come. Rue thinks to himself as he sees the Jenners increase speed. Well cant stay away from them. Too fast. *Beep* as his radar locks on the lead Jenner. At 800m his LRMs launch. Arcing up as high as his hammer will shoot them. The second rack he shoots in a pattern horizontal to the ground. Now no matter where you turn your going to get hit! Falcon 3 this is Falcon 2. At 700m fire! Falcon 2 hears the warning Beep of an enemy missile launch. Quickly he launches his mech into the air to attempt to avoid them. Unfortunately the missile launch was directed skyward and his Jenner shutters with the impact. As he lands he is enveloped in the second barrage which explodes all over his mech detonating the missile pods. The sound reverberates throughout his mech as the ammunition with in his mech explodes. Smoke fills the cockpit burning his eyes temporarily blinding him. He never sees the SSRMs racing toward him or see the flash from the AC10. He feels the impact and the explosions tearing at his body...heat burning his flesh as his escape pod jettisons him into the air.

As the brilliant flash if exploding missiles and the deafening explosion overcome Rues senses, as the Jenners LRMs detonate on his mech, he locks his radar onto the remaining Jenner now at 400m and closing fast. Automatically his body reacts. Lock, fire missiles, aim, fire AC10 and Med Laser. SSRMs race toward the Jenner followed by the BURRP of the AC10 and the peculiar sound of the laser. Again the missile pods of the smaller mech explode, arcing up and back followed by the burning sparks of the smaller pieces of the mech as they fall in different directions. Gutted and with out weapons Falcon 1 shuts down his mech hoping the honor code of the Dragon is as high as he had heard.. He prays that the pilot of the enemy Hammer could put aside the dishonor of the attack DCM perpetrated along the Pendragon border. Will the warrior honor the age old mode of surrender? Throwing himself to the honor of the Dragon, Falcon 1 steels himself for death. *Crackle* his head set comes to life. DCM I honor your surrender. As I am bound by honor not to kill you, you are now bound by honor to await here until you are picked up by the Dragon. DCM has shown no honor in breaking the treaty with us. Let us test the honor of an individual. Are you a warrior of honor? Or Free birth scum?

The words of the Pendragon Warrior cut more deeply then any weapon. The guilt and shame flow through his body like a drug. Aye Warrior of the Dragon, I at least have honor, even if my leaders don’t, I will stay. I recognize I’m a prisoner of the Dragon.

For the first time since the mission started Rue breaks Radio silence sending a priority scrambled UHF flash message to Star Colonel Stealths HQ. Relaying the positions of the 5 destroyed enemy mechs, their types and the positions of the surrendered Jenner and damaged Hammer and his location. The entire message lasted only 2 seconds. However, 2 seconds could be an eternity for listening ears in a combat situation. Only time will tell if it was worth the risk. And there were enemy ears listening. Eagle 1 this is Eagle 2" Captain Ford’s head set crackles. Captain I picked up a flash transmission from an enemy mech decoding now. Roger Eagle 2, let me know the moment you have deciphered the message. Out.

Captain Ford studies the overlay of the surrounding territory. So they have mechs in this sector. Well no surprise we will continue with the mission as planed. Eagle 2 and 3 this is Eagle 1 proceed with mission. Formation Wedge, Speed Full. When we get within firing range of Traith destroy it. All buildings, all personal. Sir, this is Eagle 3, non combatants included? Eagle 3 affirmative. Especially noncombatants. Lets teach these free birth to fear DCM and it will keep them in line. Hehehe with pleasure sir...with pleasure! Eagle 1 this is Eagle 2, I have deciphered the message. 1 enemy Hammer grid cords 76549870. Looks like he has engaged Red group, Wolf Group and Falcon Group. Results: Red and Wolf groups destroyed, Falcon group destroyed or disabled. My god sir that is 7 mechs dead, or disabled by one Hammer. How is that possible? At ease Eagle 2. Don’t believe everything you hear. Proceed with mission. Captain Ford feels his blood turn to ice. Seven mechs? Well at least he is probably heavily damaged and out of ammo. Not much of a match for Eagle Group. Probably all but dead himself.

Eagle 1 this is Eagle 3. Entering the edges of the City Traith. Engaging!

Eagle 1 this is Eagle 2. Entering the edges of the City Traith. Engaging!

Captain Ford looks out the side views of his mech and sees his wings opening up on the city of Traith. Buildings crumble, fire begins burning and spreading. The flames leap into the sky as thick black smoke billows into the violet sky obscuring the sun. He sees hundreds of people running, screaming, dying and burning. Mowed down by the onslaught of the terrible mechs. The pleasant sweet odor of burning flesh fills his nostrils. Like a heady aroma of a fine wine he breaths deep, savoring the smell, tasting the flavor of death. Ah the succulent smell of burning bodies, ever since he was a child he loved the smell. Relished it, it was like a drug on his brain. Smiling to himself he knows his wings feel the same way, enjoy the same euphoria in dealing death to the innocent. Like awaking from a pleasant dream he refocuses on the mission as his mech barks death and destruction upon Traith.

After sending the flash message Rue turns his mech toward NAV Gamma, the final leg of his mission. Bringing up his weapon stores he looks at the HUD. LRMs 230 each rack. SSRM 60. AC10 70 bursts left. Med laser charged. With the pressing of another button his HUD displays detailed damage report, front armor down 20%, back armor down 15%. Your in good shape, ok old friend lets continue.

*Crackle* Dragon 5 this is Base 1, Emergency! Base 1 this is Dragon 5, go ahead. Dragon 5 we are under attack, you are to proceed immediately at all possible speed back to Traith. We are under attack from 3 enemy mechs. Marauder, Wolf, Wolf. say again, 3 enemy mech, Marauder, Wolf, Wolf! Base 1 this is Dragon 5, on my way Out. Damn! I did not think even the DCM would kill innocent civilians. They are desperate! First they break the treaty and now this. How low and dishonorable will the free birth scum go! His mech launches into the air. Come on baby...Hurry! Thats it Go! Go! Go! Cresting the Traith hills he can see the smoke from the city below. Fires enveloping the city. The pungent sickening smell of burning flesh burns his nose his stomach churns. My God! He quicky moves his mech within radar range an sweeps the city for the DCM mechs. The radar picks up one of the three moving slowly destroying everything in its path. Good I don’t think they have picked me up. Lets hope it stays that way. His mech jumps forward. It is time to die you maggots, meet the wrath of the Dragon!

Eagle 1 this is Eagle 2 half the city is destroyed. Ammo running low. Eagle 2 and 3 switch to lasers. Repeat, switch to lasers. Save remaining ammo. Almost intoxicated by the smell of the burning city Eagle wing slowly and methodically move through the city of Traith their lasers flashing, smashing buildings and searing bodies. The fires, out of control all but obscure vision. So intoxicated with the slaughter Eagle wing forgets about the sole enemy mech. They do not notice the single blip on the radar screen moving toward them. As long as I don’t lock them until the last moment perhaps they won’t notice me. At 1.0k he notices one of the DCM T-Wolves turning toward him, move in his direction. Damn, looks like the game is up. However, Eagle 3 does not notice the Hammer as it closes in. So involved with the destruction of Traith. 800m. Rue’s hands move rapidly. Locking radar on the wolf. Switching to LRMs he JJ’s into the air. Get as close as possible. Hit him with everything. Only his training over rides his urge to fire. 700m 600m 500m SSRM lock Now! he yells Missiles rocket forth. The flash and smoke trails obscuring his vision. 400m the AC10 and Med laser rip into the enemy Wolf. Simultaneously the missiles slam into the Wolf. Eagle 3 feels the vibration of the laser hit. Looking up at the HUD he sees the enemy Hammer closing 400m. His mech is vibrating violently as the AC10 and continuous laser hit slam into his mech. Then the distinct sound of missiles striking. The flashes of light and smoke disorient and blind him. Instinctively he screams into the Como. Eagle 1 walks slowly, the torso of his Marauder swinging left then right lasers flashing. All around him he sees devastation.

*Crackle* Eagle 1 this is Eagle 3 I’m under attack. Enemy mech 400"

Then silence. Captain Ford knows Eagle 3 is probably destroyed.

Eagle 2 this is Eagle 1. Enemy approaching. Acquire and destroy. Link at 28347444.

The wolf explodes under a hail of missile, AC10 and laser fire. The broken mech crumbles to the ground, the ammo remaining cooking off with a series of smaller explosions. The HUD shows the enemy mechs converging on coordinate 28347444 behind some of the remaining buildings. Everything around his Hammer is destroyed. Bodies lay burning, those that survive are laying in agony or hiding. The destruction adds a certain resolve,

"Your gona pay for this!"

Ok take the marauder first. Target the Legs, then kill the wolf. Talking out loud as if the mech would understand the battle plan and execute on its own. The Hammer leaps forward. The HUD shows the two mechs separating each trying to envelope him. Seeing the tactic Rue mumbles "Ok. Looks like they will have me in the middle. Gotta make this fast." Locking the Marauder Rue Switches to missiles. The buildings prevent him from hitting the enemy. *Beep* Warning incoming missiles. The buildings that prevent him from shooting are not stopping the DCM mechs from firing. He sees the missiles arc around the building. In slow motion he sees the missiles go up and turn toward his mech. WHAM. The hit rocks his mech. He sees pieces of armor fly off. Another set of missiles arc toward him around the building. Again they slam into his mech. From the right the Wolf group fires his twin LRMs they arc up and back down, vapor trails leading toward the enemy Hammer. Wham an explosion rocks Rues hammer. He is taking damage from both sides. *Beep* Critical Hit Internal Ammo Explosion. Rue hits the JJ, his mech responds jumping forward. A second set of missiles from the Wolf slam into the building to his side. The building shakes but remains standing. On his HUD Rue sees the enemy mechs paralleling him. Almost in line with each other. Finally! A shot! Rue hears the BURP from his AC10 and the launching of his missiles quickly followed by a sustained BURP of the AC. The right leg of the Marauder absorbs most of the damage from the missiles and the first burst of the AC. The sustained burst cuts the legs out from under the Marauder. Captain Ford seeing the Hammer emerge from the building lets go with his entire arsenal. 2 LRM15, 2 PPC and 6 Med Lasers. He feels the impact of the Hammers missiles and AC on the legs of his marauder. As his mech falls. The legs having been cut out from under him he sees all the weapons hit the Hammer in the chest. The explosion rips the Hammer apart. The Arms Fly from the mech. Pieces of the armor fly sparking in all directions.

Die you Clan bastard….Die!

Rue only sees the flash of the bombardment he absorbs. Warning alarms ring in his ears. The hammer is rocked backward. The Arms detonate and are gone. Ammo explosions rip through his mech. Black smoke fills the cockpit. Then a second later a second explosion rocks the hammer. This time from the rear. The Wolf has emerged from the line of buildings and group fired its 2 PPC, 2 LRM15s, and 2 Small Lasers. Fortunately, the range prevented the LRMs from locking and the majority miss. His mech responds slowly. The back up systems taking over form the destroyed primary systems. After what seems like an eternity his JJ fire and his mech lurches upward. Spinning in the air he faces his attacker. Only the Med Laser and SSRM6 remain. Quickly he ejects the remaining ammo from the LRMs less they add to further ammo explosions. Aiming

at the legs of the wolf he fires the laser as fast as it will cycle. Hopping forward with the JJ staying on the ground only long enough to bounce. SSRM loaded he switches weapon groups long enough to acquire and fire. Then he resumes his pounding of the Wolf’s legs with the laser. Eagle 2 realizing the Hammer is damaged severely grows restless for a kill. Clanner your almost dead! I smell your blood and soon your burning body will add to the Hell we have bestowed upon Traith! Wildly, without lock Eagle 2 fires the remaining LRMs but misjudges the shot and they pass behind the bouncing Hammer. Entering the part of the city destroyed earlier the two warriors square off for the final battle. Using what Jump Jet power he had left Rue extends the range to 400m. Continuing the cycle of SSRMs and med laser he pounds the legs of the Wolf. At this range Rue knows the Small Lasers are out of range the PPC while within range is limited in its ability due to the slow speed of the weapon. Using the magnification he zooms in to enable himself to see the PPC being fired and enable himself more time to react.

*Crackle* Rue's head gear comes alive. Clanner your mech is damaged severely. You are obviously no match. Beg for mercy and perhaps I will spare you!

Here is my answer you honor less free birth! With that statement the remaining SSRM flashes toward the Wolf. With a resounding explosion the left leg of the wolf explodes and the wolf hops to a stop. Now IS dog, we will see who dies!

Rue's mech lurches with the impact of the PPC. A direct hit in the chest. Again the computer alarms ring. Warning Critical hit. JJ Exhaust Port destroyed. SSRM destroyed. Heat Sink destroyed. Heat Sink destroyed. The cockpit smolders from the impact of the pure energy of the PPC. Switching the HUD to damage control he realizes a couple more solid hits and his mech will explode. Damn you! He thinks. Just let me live long enough to kill this murdering bastard. Sluggishly the mech responds turning directly toward the enemy Wolf. Got to Close to maximize the affect of the laser. 390m his mech swings to the left. The single Med laser flashing in the bright sun.

Thats right you Clanner, come closer and taste death. The first PPC launches with a roar heading for the hammer. The second fires a few seconds behind, leading the hammer even more. Seeing the PPC heading toward him Rue waits until the final second then he slams the backward JJ full throttle. The mech slows but not enough. Whoom. The PPC impacts on the edge of the Hammer. The energy shoots through the hammer. He feels the energy pass through his body burning his flesh. The smoke fills the mech. Emergency fire procedures are enabled and the fire suppressant fills the mech searing his lungs. Reaching for the respirator he swings his mech directly toward the Wolf. The second PPC rips into the Hammer. Again pure energy flows through the cockpit. His hands crackle on the controls. His Uniform catches fire and begins melting on his leg. His mind rages and the pain explodes along the nerves of his rendered body.

Through the Pain he focuses on the image of the Grand Dragon. He sees FireCracker speaking to him. Slowly the words seep into his brain. "Remember" Rue begins to force himself through shear will to block the pain. The focusing lessons taught him by FC. Slowly his mind clears, the pain, not stopped, but blocked allows him to resume the fight. Eagle 2 seeing the Hammer absorb the full energy of the PPC’s realizes the condition of the Hammer, and its pilot. Even if you have weapons Clanner I doubt your even conscious to use them. That’s right come closer. Feel the heat! Feel the Burn! Die Clanner! (350m 300m) Eagle 2 watches the Hammer moving in a straight line. No weapons firing. Thats right Clanner come closer I am waiting! For its time to die!

Rue realizing the DCM pilot believe him dead, locked the laser on the remaining damaged leg of the Wolf mech. Your just going to let me walk right up on you. You cocky bastard. One more shot and I'm dead but maybe there is still a chance. (250m 200m)

*Crackle* Are you still alive Clanner? If you are watch the city. My radar shows the closest building with 300 people. Watch Clanner as more of your people die! If your still alive Watch!

The turret of the wolf rotates toward the City. The PPC spit forth their death. The building absorbs the full impact trembles and with a roar collapses in a cloud. (150m 100m) *Crackle* Hahaha did you see that Clanner! 300 more dead!

At 100m Rue slips his hand around the fire control. With a flash the laser slashes into the leg of the Wolf. Wham Wham. Eagle 2 realizing his opponent is not dead spins his turret toward the Hammer. (100m 50m) Wham Wham. *Beep Critical Hit Heat Sink Exhaust Port Destroyed, Heat Sink Exhaust port Destroyed. Damn Clanner!

(50m 2m) the Hammer slams into the Wolf. The Med laser flashing, ripping into the leg of the Wolf. Watching the Damage control Rue sees the Wolf's leg from Yellow to Red. Almost...a few more. He sees through the smoke filled cockpit the wolf swing around to face him. The PPC tubes begin to Glow Blue.

Oh Shi... was all Rue managed to say before the cockpit exploded. The PPC fired point blank into the torso of the hammer. The energy from the PPC tore the Hammer in two. The explosion blew pieces of the Hammer 300m. The splash from the impact of the PPC, and the resulting explosion of the Hammer detonated the leg. The exploding Hammer had the effect of an 80 ton bomb. Shrapnel and the splash from the PPC detonated the engine and the leg of the Wolf. The last image Eagle 2 had was the cockpit of the Hammer exploding and the ejection cage of the Hammer being blown skyward then the PPC firing and detonating the Hammer. He feels the heat from the explosion rip through the cockpit. Thousands of pieces of shrapnel, tearing through his body. Cauterizing the wounds as they pass through. Damn Clanner! He gurgles as a steel rod punches its self through the seat and out the back of his neck.

Looking down from the ejection pod Rue watches the two mechs detonate. Thank god. The people are safe. Then he embraces the darkness. Falling into its oblivion.

*Crackle* Hammer 1 this is Hammer 2, Over

Go ahead Batu, Over

Cuz I'm picking up the homing device. Looks like he might have survived.

Roger Batu.

Picking up the signal. Heading 245 Range 900m.

Roger Cuz.

Meet you there.

Cuz'n_It's Mech leaps into the air as he and Batu close in on the homing device. There Sir to the left. Roger Batu, Got it. Dropping down. Both mechs soft land 5m from the ejection seat.

Sir the Evac Drop Ship is on its way.

Roger Batu.

Both warriors Star Colonel Batu and the revered SaKhan Cuz'n_It approach the ejection seat they see the torn and burned body of Rue Morgue. Scanning now sir. He'll live. Just unconscious. With a smile the SaKhan of Clan Pendragon looks at Batu, hmmp, typical Rue kills 10 enemy mechs and thinks he deserves a nap. Well go on wake him up.

Reaching into the Med kit Batu retrieves a small hypo. There sir, he will be coming around soon. It will dull the pain too. Rue? Can you hear me? asks Cuz.

Hmmm. Sir?

Yes sir, things are a little foggy here sir. Well Rue I just wanted to be the first to congratulate you on a job well done. Damn fine work Star Captain...Damn fine work.

Sttt..Star Captain?! Yes Sir. Rue manages to say through his huge smile. Leaning down SaKhan Cuz'n_It pins the new rank of Star Captain on the shoulder of Rue Morgue.

You know Batu.., Cuz'n_It turns to Batu with a grin, we could hardly take him as a MechWarrior...God help us now.

Having loaded Rue into the Evac Cuz turns to Batu. Lets take the long way back. We'll swing south there might be a few DCM yet to kill. A little more hunting to do today Batu... A little more hunting.

Roger that sir! But after the pounding they took today I doubt there will be many left.

With a chuckle both warriors head toward their mechs.