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Death to Pendragon

Written by FoxTrot of Clan Steel Burrock

From his console in the Great Hall, FoxTrot saw the destruction occuring on 4 of his planets.  The PENs had launched a major attack on the SV planets and would stop at nothing till they were all destroyed.  Before the mass destruction, FoxTrot and River negotiated heavily with the PENs, but it did not help.

"Its all a giant misunderstanding!" shouted khan FoxTrot as the PENs accused him of lying.  And it was just that.  Now threats were being thrown around back and forth!  FoxTrot tried his hardest to defuse the situation and make everyone understand that there is no reason for mistrust between the 2 groups.  But it became evidant to both Fox and River that the PENs had been planing to take the SV empire from the begining.

In the night when the deal between DMC and SV was almost finall, FoxTrot was aproched by the PENs personally, they told him of a great alliance of clans.  He told Fox that his clan would be crushed if he dared help the DCM.  Fox didnt like the sound of that and knew he didnt have the capability of defending himself if such an attack was luanched.  FoxTrot decided to liquidate his deal with the DCM and instead hand over planets to the PENs so they in turn could crush the DCM.

"We just want your planets boardering DCM so we can better beat the hell out of them!"  explained one PEN official.  FoxTrot was pleased with this, and so went through with a deal with PEN.

So now Fox saw a great thing, 3 great powers allied against a common foe.   But the night of the attacks, something was brought up at the meeting that disturbed Fox.  The PENs had told FoxTrot that the DCM was retreating their attacks from PEN space because the DCM was frightened by PEN's skills and so felt it was best to invest points in their defnece.  Fox was happy to here this and the PENs told him that they would be continuing their attacks on DCM.  So the PENs asked for a loan from Fox.  Fox was willing to give them the loan since it would be going against the DCM.  But the disturbing news found out that night by Fox was that the DCM and PEN had alwayse been at a truce, and that the attacks by DCM were a mistake.  The DCM had retreated due to a treaty, not out of fear!  Fox had been lied to by the PENS.  And worst of all the PENs still wanted the money because they felt it was owed to them.

In the following minutes of that occurance the tension between the two groups blew up!  [PEN]Raptor had become very hostile and was angered that everything he said that he seemed to be right in, was proved wrong by FoxTrot. Since Raptor didnt have very good social skills, he summed everything up in a few words.

"Check your mail" was his responce to problem.

He had launched exactally 98,802 points on planet Baccum, 39,600 on Twycross, 37,620 on Ma'anshan, and 27,799 on planet Vermezzo!  FoxTrot and River both were shocked by Raptor's immature behavior at solving problems with an allie! "The truce has been broken and I shall have the furry of every neighboring clan and house decend upon your space!  You have destroyed your reputation and your honor by attacking a defencless allie!"  screamed Fox at the dishonorable PEN clan.  "I hearby declair war on the Clan PEN!"

Khan FoxTrot emediatally ordered the evacutation of all his citizens and millitary.  Building a massive fleet of transport ships with his large factories, FoxTrot saved what death and destruction he could.  Within days, all factories were shut down and citizens warped out of SV space at light speed.  Finally the Capital planet of Fort Loundon was abandoned. FoxTrot looked at his secretary of defence who had warned him of the PEN's reliability as being an allie.

"You were right Sir, they couldnt be trusted" admited Fox as he ordered him onto a trasport, and saluted him for the last time on SV soil. "We want to stay and fight the PENs!"  Yelled what few warriors were left, but it was no hope.

"No you will do more good fleeing to another clan or merc unit and fighting the PENs that way than you would staying here" said FoxTrot "I have already sent in an elite merc unit to take out 5 of PEN's planets for themselves with the money I had from liquidating our production"

The Last of the SV men vowed to tell all the story of what has happened to all the clans and houses, so that never again shall a group "allied" with PEN be crushed in such a dishonorable fassion.  They walked up the platforms to their private crafts and took off into the unforgiving space.  FoxTrot watched the glow of their flames trail off into the night sky.  There was one last thing for FoxTrot to do, and that was to give his remaining planets to the merc unit BoNE, who he had joined in order to lead the attack on the PEN space!

*A message from the author*
Trust not the Clan PEN, but those who seek to destroy it.
Death to the PENS!