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Awake the Dragon

Written by Raptor

The sharp rhythmic clatter of SaKhan Raptor's boots reverberated through the hall. The huge ornate arches dwarfed this brilliantly clad battle worn warrior.


The Captain of the Guard defiantly shouted as Raptor approached the entrance to Khan Jackal's Throne Room.

"Stand aside Captain"

"I have no time for this today" Raptor replied with such urgency that the guards immediately parted to allow the warrior access.

The Throne Room was dominated by a large auspicious black marble chair fashioned in the image of a Dragon. Khan Jackal's head snapped as his eyes shifted to the man walking through the door. The lighting quick speed of his reflexes gave no doubt that his ascendancy to Khan was due to his skill as a pilot.

Raptor bowed to the Khan in ritualistic respect.

"What matter has brought you here with such urgency SaKhan"

"It is CSB treachery again sir,  Intelligence reports that they are funding our enemies"

"Bankers roared the Khan"

"They would sell their Mothers for Profit"

"That is not the worst of it sir, Intelligence also reports that CSB is engaging in Genocide On Ma'anshan, Vermezzo, Twycross and Baccum."

The Khan was visually sickened his voice was but a whisper "Good god why?"

"Intelligence reports that many of the people on that planet are old retired Warriors and as such were opposed to CSB's tuck tail and run Government. These proud people vociferously declared they would not tolerate a government that ran from their attackers and if they had to crawl to a mech to defend their Homes they would. They would not be sold off to the highest bidder. Their government responded with Death squads."

"There still may be time to save some lives sir."

"But we need to launch the attacks now."

"Sir they are murders and Bankers who run from their enemies'"

"Enough, Awake the Dragon" came the thundering response.

"Launch your Attacks SaKhan."

09/03/97 6:00PM

The short grisly pilot looked more like a Barbarian then a Star Colonel some said he was more hair Then man but none doubted Star Colonel Cuzn' Its Skill in the Cockpit. His Hammer moved methodically Across the surface of the planet more an extension of his soul then a machine of war. He had been on the Planets surface for more then two hours and had not seen a thing.  He did not find this unusual given the History of CSB which had the reputation of Vultures, feeding on the helpless and fleeing from the strong.

He was just about ready to report when he entered a village on the edge of Alpha Quadrant. His nasal passages were assaulted by the familiar smell of spent missile fuel mixed with the putrid smell of burnt flesh. As his veteran eyes searched the field he saw the source of the smell. The bodies were twisted and mangled,  limbs ripped off from the explosive force of Missiles and gapping holes cut by lasers. He looked down and saw what resembled a man in his hand was a banner a battle standard from years before. The standard said Honor or Death. So here they died Courage and honor verses treachery and greed, Flesh and improvised weapons against laser and steel. Star Colonel Cuzn' lt walked back to his mech with tears in his eyes.