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The Khan of Clan Pendragon killed by cancer

On Thursday, August 14, 1997 the Founder and First Khan of Clan Pendragon was struck down by the one of mans fiercest enemies ... Cancer.

During his and his families time of suffering many from the Kali community showed their support by wearing his initials, and by posting messages on a tribute page setup in his honor by Bad Karma, The MechWarrior / BattleMech Support Team (MBST).

Thanks to everyone who showed support during their time of need.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this tribute happen.

"Thank you - all of you! I am overwhelmed by the enormous amount of love and support I have felt from Clan Pendragon and from all of the NetMech players. My prayers are also with all of you. You are truly great people."

"Thank you again - Cathy (jazzie or Mrs. RW, as I was dubbed....hehe)"

And for the Midi...Thanks Jimbob